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Your WORRY is Creating Dis-ease for You AND Your CHILDREN! Here’s How to Resolve It…

Don’t WORRY, Be HAPPY! Overcoming WORRY may be the vital key to optimal mental and physical health…

Worry is a profoundly powerful psychological mechanism which is ALL too common and the very reason for a diminished or downright dreadful experience of life!

Worry is the enemy of a healthy spleen according to Chinese Medicine and the spleen is central to health, producing Qi and drives our vitality.

Worry is a product of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and drives us to engage in mind activity that can take us into really dark places and even feel trapped in the worry. Worry is no fun, sadly it is a learned trait and our children learn how to worry from early in life. The good news is we can get it under control and even turn it around.

Behind worry is something even more. Something we can alter (and quickly) and something that influences even MORE in our lives, especially our parenting and our children’s emotional evolution. It’s self esteem!

Low self esteem is central to EVERY experience in life! It has been an absolute revelation to me in a clinical setting to see the intimate correlation between physical health and self esteem. Of course it is no surprise that low self esteem is strongly connected to emotional health issues, but have you ever thought about the physical impact?

The Science of Psychneuroimmunology tells us that “our thoughts and beliefs inform our immune system which either supports our health or promotes disease”!

This means we can be thinking our way to sickness, yikes!

We’ve all experienced “esteem” issues in our lives. Just take a moment to think about what those moments have cost you. There’s always a cost, seemingly subtle or not. It would have “stopped” you doing something, resulted in “mean” self-talk, impacted your relationship with someone important in your life or affected the way that you parent? Our children learn what they live remember…

But low self-esteem has equally severe consequences alongside mental health issues. It can cause physical disease and is certainly an obstacle on the path to healing from chronic health issues and creating optimal health.

Resolving issues of self esteem are very much part of preventative medicine. Poor self esteem rips everyone off, including ourselves. We simply can’t hope for our kids to have high self esteem if we are role modelling poor self esteem.

The BIG issue is that many of us don’t even realise we have LOW self esteem in the first place so we are unknowingly driving health issues for ourselves and our children.

One way this can often be seen is in “worry”. Worry is an emotion that REALLY unleashes our storyteller, you know that inner critic that has so much to say and rarely in our defense.

So many of us don’t realise that our “inner critic” isn’t really us! We can actually become an observer of THAT voice and in becoming an observer we can step into our true self and harness our power. We can observe the story that is being told and in doing so we can face it with compassion and begin to write a new more empowering story and in the process, release the worry that has been trapped, potentially harming us in profound ways.

The bottom line is that worry is driven by low self esteem which equates to stress and stress is the single biggest predictor of disease! We NEED to address this for ourselves as parents to stem the tide of dis-ease for our kids…

Become a worry “warrior”! Keep reminding yourself to observe your “storyteller”. Just take this practice gently and before long you will be able to pre-empt your storyteller and choose a different path, head it off at the pass so to speak.

Optimising self-esteem is the pivotal work of personal-growth and something I delve deeply into in my “IGNITE: Your Power, Passion & Potential” Program where you are given the keys to creating exactly the life you desire in every way possible.

When it comes down to it, all we ever really want is to feel loved, to feel worthy and to feel connected and when we feel this (which is already within you it just takes a few moves to unleash it) then EVERYTHING else flows from there whether it’s a more peaceful home you long for or a whopping bank account balance. Join me for the next one in Perth on September 18th, there’s a “bring a friend as your guest” special until Friday August 26th, book here.

Here’s one quick way to boost your self-esteem quickly and help you become the master of YOUR “inner” game:

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