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Your “Winter Wellness” Checklist & “The Pantry Elixir” (Cough Stop)

Are you “Winter Ready”? It’s already that time of year, Easter is ALWAYS the turning point. The door to the world of winter BUGS is about to open…

Don’t let them ruin your family’s life this winter, be prepared with some simple strategies ready to roll out as needed…

Being prepared will save you the “stress” of sick kids which usually means lost days at school, lost days at work, miserable moods, sleeplessness for everyone, coughing through the night, worry about infections getting worse, doctors visits where waiting rooms are likely more dangerous, possible hospital visits, social lives and FUN paused…

What if ALL this could be avoided and you could step into BETTER health, breeze through winter, develop confidence, avoid the HARM of pharmaceuticals which is proven to have devastating consequences for our kids and take back control of your family’s life!

Well, you can!

Being prepared with a few key strategies AND remedies will put  you in the driver’s seat and give you an empowering action plan! You will be able to “act” to avoid infections AND ready to treat them if they get through  the  front door!

With the right approach you can avoid the stress that comes with winter infections which feels fabulous of course! BUT the key result will be long term benefits of embracing a proactive, immune “fortifying” approach AND avoiding the damaging consequences of “medicine” use that we simply can’t ignore any longer.

Not only do pharmaceuticals damage our kids’ bodies which can be significant enough to begin the process of disease evolution, BUT antibiotic use weakens the body and raises the MOST serious issue being faced by medical researchers today; “Antibiotic Resistance”.

Most of us lack the education we need about health and it’s time every mum knew that our  decisions for health intervention have profound consequences; know if you are helping OR harming…

Use this checklist to be empowered this winter! If you feel confused about what action you can take to profoundly and beneficially impact your child’s health then you are in the right place. The “Home Health Care Without Harm” program has ALL the answers you need to become your family’s BEST health champion, to  step  into confident care-giver and BOOST your child’s resilience…

Before you check that out, make a batch of my “Pantry Elixir”, an effective cough remedy to keep your kids comfortable through the night. There’s a heap of remedies already lurking, ready for use  in your pantry that are safe AND effective, this is one of our favourite remedies…

The “Pantry Elixir” for calming coughs and soothing sore throats:

  • 3/4 cup jarrah or manuka or any raw honey
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2-4 tablespoons organic lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar
  • cayenne pepper (maybe just for the adults)

Combine all ingredients and keep in a sealed glass bottle/jar. Serve at room temperature or slightly warmed, a teaspoon is just the thing before bed time and use  multiple times daily as needed.

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