What’s the RIGHT Nutrition for Healing? Is THIS a sign of a food reaction?

Now these are questions I get asked OFTEN!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the answer were easy!!!

I think many of us believe that GREAT health and happiness are a given, the truth is, they require focused action…

We have been SO misled about what we should and shouldn’t be eating that it’s become a massive confusing mess so I want to help you get things on track and share some health “insider” truth bombs to keep you there!

I want to give you ONE single action you can take starting today to take charge of your family’s health and by crikey it’s SUPER simple!

Truth Bomb #1:

We are ALL so metabolically and biochemically unique that it’s ludicrous to think that there’s ONE single “right” approach to nutrition for everyone…

PLEASE don’t underestimate this powerful principle! Just because everyone’s raving about fermented food or any other “on trend” style of eating doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you!

While there are certainly some blanket rules that apply, ie REAL & WHOLE FOOD ONLY, we all have a “Unique Food Prescription” that must be honoured to secure our long term health, to avoid disease and to heal from a dis-ease/symptoms.

At first blush this might seem “tricky” but with the right tools to understand exactly what your needs are it’s really a piece of cake and then you can tweak as you keep moving forward on the healing path knowing with confidence that you are ON track…

We thoroughly explore exactly how to honour our unique nutrition needs in the “Root Cause Resolution” program. We look at where to start and how to progress without the overwhelm! How to easily spot the foods that are problematic and need to be replaced for a short period of time.

To get you started, I’d suggest you start keeping a Food & Symptom Diary, grab your copy: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Truth Bomb #2

ANY symptom can be a food intolerance!

SO many people are delightfully surprised when they discover how a tiny tweak in nutrition can resolve debilitating health issues that seriously detract from quality of life.

Here’s a snapshot of the symptoms that are likely masking a food intolerance and DEEPER work that’s needed to HEAL an underlying imbalance:

  • nervousness, anxiety, depression
  • shaking
  • sweating
  • palpitations
  • rapid breathing
  • headache, migraine
  • weakness
  • sleeplessness, night terrors
  • irritability, mood swings
  • PMS
  • diarrhoea, constipation
  • indigestion, relflux
  • bloating, gas (either end!)
  • burning sensations on the skin
  • rashes, eczema, psoriasis
  • tightness across the face and chest
  • breathing problems ; asthma-like symptoms
  • allergy-like reactions

Truth Bomb #3

There are over 25 DIFFERENT “Healing Nutrition Procotols”!

Finding the right one for YOUR unique needs, rather than the one that’s most trendy this week, is crucial to start feeling vibrantly healthy, energetic and to unlock your body’s innate healing potential!

Use the Food & Symptom Diary to investigate potential trigger foods and symptoms, see if you can start connecting the dots.

You could save yourself literally YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars, not to mention stress and feeling sub-par when you take this simple action of keeping a Diary.

Truth Bomb #4

Nutrition is ONLY the portal to wellness. Getting bogged down in nutrition WILL send you nuts!!! Nutrition is absolutely critical, BUT, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. For some it’s not even a BIG piece. If we don’t look deeper we’ll miss the REAL drivers of health!

We MUST explore the CORE Pillars of health, resolve what’s out of whack and build health from the ground up!

Discovering the right nutrition to heal isn’t as complicated as you might think but why go it alone? I’ve created the “Root Cause Resolution” program to take you from where you are now, to heal from chronic disease or  simply prevention of future disease, leaving NO stone unturned to create RESILIENCE from the CORE. Unwavering, robust health build on a solid foundation!

Join the next program, it starts tomorrow, October 10th, and doors SHUT on the 17th and that’s the LAST one for 2017…

We meet EVERY week LIVE online and YOUR hand is held the entire way…

Check out what’s included HERE, GREAT health has never been so easy with this proven, Functional Medicine approach to RESTORING the very best of health!

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