How to UNPACK & RESOLVE the Hidden “Stress” that’s Making us SICK & Preventing REAL Healing…

When you’re struggling with dis-ease, ongoing health and wellness issues, life seems pretty grim…

In my experience in working with mums there isn’t ANYTHING we wouldn’t do for our kids to help them get better and it’s incredibly STRESS filled in every way possible!

It’s on our minds, we worry, we neglect ourselves, our relationships suffer, other kids are impacted…the list goes on!

Many of us seek help and get anything from great results (seemingly) to NO results or something worse!

Why is that?

"Gut Healing" through the Vagus Nerve...

While there’s probably a few reasons, the one I REALLY want to focus on today is the KEY aspect of healing that’s being missed which will not only prevent REAL healing but continue to be the driver of future disease.

If you haven’t watched the video above, go ahead and do so. I discuss 2 really vital concepts that speaks to our health potential and I want to UNPACK “stress” a little more here so that YOU can step into the health and happiness you really want!

I can’t emphasise enough how profoundly impactful “stress” is to human health. We know that emotional stress impacts the gut microbiome which is the epicentre of health. If we DON’T deal with stress then we can’t heal the gut, fullstop!

Dealing with stress goes WAY beyond a herbal supplement, great nutrition, meditation, yoga! While I personally and professionally advocate these practices as part of an “wholistic” approach to wellness, unless we are addressing the ROOT CAUSE of stress, we’re missing the mark!

So the question then becomes HOW do we effectively treat “stress”?

Here’s where I think we get OFF track. For a start, we have to know WHAT stress looks like and where to find it and that’s a very specialist area WAY beyond the realm of health and medical training…

Let me give you an example so you can begin to appreciate the gravity of this issue.

Imagine that you feel frustrated because the morning routine has blown out and you’re running late. For many of us, this is not a one off, it’s a pattern to feel frustrated in situations like this and it shows up frequently thanks to moments like these.

“Frustration occurs when an individual continues an action in the expectation of the gratification or desired goal but does not actually attain it. The aftermath of a frustrating occurrence may lead to many emotional and affective responses, such as acute stress, lasting anger, sadness, and rage. Those elements, often mixed together in a variety of proportions, constitute frustration.” (Ref)

The impact of these “stress” emotions is NOT innocuous! They have a real impact through the nervous system, specifically the “Vagus Nerve”, that drives imbalance in MANY systems, including the gut microbiome.

Just think about this for a moment…

How many times in a day do you feel frustrated, upset, disappointed, hurt, sad, annoyed, bitchy, judging, self-critical, grumpy, hostile, controlling, bored, insecure, scared, detached, needing to be right or have the last word…

Stress isn’t just about the obvious “BIG” things, it’s the seemingly small things that are the insidious drivers of disease and that NEED to be addressed.

In order to heal the gut and create LASTING health for the future we must explore our “stress” points and treat those!

We can start to become aware of what stress actually looks like for us. For all of us it’s built on patterns of behaviour which began with programming VERY early in life.

We can then use strategies to end their impact in our bodies, to stop the inflammation cascade they create which leads to disease…

This is a journey of deepening our personal awareness so that we can end our “stress” programming and unlock our innate human potential for health and wholeness.

We are programmed for VIBRANT wellness and I believe we can all get there but not without exploring our “stress” from this deeper perspective in conjunction with the Root Cause Pillars of health.

If you are ready to step into YOUR vibrant health potential then join the “Root Cause Resolution” program and be guided every step of the way to release your STRESS and harness the healing power of “Vagus Nerve”…In this program we leave NO stone unturned and resolve ALL the “Pillars” of health by resolving toxicity, finding our “Unique Food Prescription”, restoring the gut microbiome (beyond probiotics, fermented food and nutrition), amplify our “Epigenetics”!

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