Tapping is my FAVOURITE go-to tool for instant emotional relief as well as resolving long held dodgy, sabotaging thinking that keeps coming back and derailing me! I love teaching this to mums and watching them in turn empower their children and without fail, the results speak for themselves in a WIDE range of situations. Tapping is quite literally tapping on specific points on the body which reflect the energy centers as used in acupuncture (Chinese Medicine) and understood to be part of the meridian energy lines that run throughout the body. Our energetic make-up, although invisible to us, is powerful in its impact on our health and emotional well-being. Energy is the world of emotions, think of any stress, your thoughts, you beliefs etc (you can’t see them but they are still there and “real”) and can wreak havoc on our day to day lives, as well as health, when poorly processed.

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For example, if you were angry as a child and you were told NOT to be angry, where do you think that anger goes? It hasn’t left you, it has hung around to provide you with clues and repeated events until you learn to see that anger with recognition and compassion and let it go, allowing you to replace it with more empowering beliefs with your highest vision in mind. Check out these cool videos to help relieve you of the “stresses” we mums face daily so you can glide through your day with a smile inside and out!

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Tapping for IRRITATION: use this tapping routine and make it your own to roll out in times of NEED! Any annoyance in our lives has a “ROOT CAUSE” which can be healed, join me for a workshop to find out how EASY this is and live a lighter life…

Tapping for EXHAUSTION: when we are exhausted as mums there is some serious WORK to do. Use tapping to stay on top BUT I would encourage you to investigate “where” this comes from for you and focusing your healing attention squarely there to simply move forward unburdened and unleashed! Join me for a workshop and starting living the life you REALLY want!