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If you are simply delighted with where you find yourself in life; the kids are on track for greatness; you enjoy family bliss on a day to day basis; you’re ALL over this “life” business and achieving success on all levels is just a breeze; you feel super LUCKY; then come and work with me! Seriously…

It’s a very different picture for most of us who feel that life is a struggle, one that seems to never end, not unlike groundhog day! We find ourselves STUCK in patterns in relationships, situations, self-sabotage and beating ourselves up emotionally for NOT getting it “right”. Everyone feels cranky, and you feel like you are dragging yourself, and everyone else, through each monotonous day!

Did you know that we are living our lives based on the beliefs we created as children, between the ages of 0 and 7 predominantly. On a daily basis we are recreating our child created beliefs, thoughts and behaviours in our adult lives in EVERY situation, especially with our own children! So they in turn are learning exactly what they are living!

We are unconsciously recreating our OWN childhood experiences and the shocker is that most of what our kids learn is NOT from spoken words, 85% of communication is non-verbal. They are tuning in to everything, whether you want them to or not. Ever hear your mother or father’s words coming out of YOUR mouth?

So my question to you is: do you want your kids to be the BEST they can be? Do you want them to have the tools they need to navigate life and deal with stress (the single biggest KILLER of us mere mortals!). After 20 years of clinical practice I strongly believe “stress” is the elephant in the room, and I would encourage you to explore “stress” in your life and get it resolved pronto!

Of course, as mums, we want MORE than the  best for our kids and the incentive to relieve ourselves of patterns and beliefs that lead us to misery is considerable when we realise OUR impact on them is profound…

This is the area of work that gets my juices flowing, where my mojo is firing! I have found a way to hold your hand and take you on a journey to daily joy so that YOU can create exactly what you desire in life and learn how to get back on course when the inevitable hurdles happen. You CAN live each and every day with “Passion, Power, Purpose” living to your full “POTENTIAL”. 

And wowee, what bliss this is! I’ve created this for myself and have now mentored dozens of mums to do the same. The real blessing comes in watching your kids embrace the gifts you will share with them, you get to sit back and simply watch them shine!

Wherever we think we are, as far away from inner peace or bliss as we may believe, with a few simple strategies we can land directly and squarely into inspiration, compassion and connection and never be STUCK again!

You don’t need to become a monk to achieve this state of being, in fact I would suggest that taking oneself away from society is not really LIVING at all…

We CAN get there living busy lives, with kids, with husbands, with jobs, with pets, with parents, with siblings, with friends…

Once you learn these simple strategies starting with the MOST freeing of them all your life is immediately transformed and in a VERY short space of time you CAN create the life of your dreams and begin to experience all the love you “really” want RIGHT AWAY!

ignite program


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I want to give you the MOST powerful tool of them all, “The Formula That Puts YOU in Control of Success” as Jack Canfield says. As a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Transpersonal Therapist and Mentor I provide tools and insights for the families I work with to navigate their own journey to inner connection and the life of their dreams. Click to the left to download the KEY to personal freedom.

This powerful technique is the very foundation of self-esteem and becoming unburdened. Every great thought and transformational leader on the planet will tell you that this approach to life is the most powerful step in experiencing profound peace and stepping into our innate LIMITLESS human potential.

With a little practice you will soon master this transformational tool AND then teach it to your children and give them the gift of robust self-esteem and freedom, powerful allies in life to achieving health, happiness and success!

Join me for  “IGNITE!” This powerful program WILL transform your life as it has for EVERY woman who had participated. You ARE Worthy, You ARE Loved and You ARE Enough! Learn how to truly live and love from this space and feel the exhilaration of a “Life Unleashed”.

Join me for the journey of your life and “BE” the person you are born to be, who is ready to be revealed and unleashed, to share your gifts with the world and be the role model your children need. How else are they going to learn to shine brightly? 

“IGNITE: Your Power, Passion & Potential” is my highly coveted program that provides the daily map, holding your hand all the way to your BRILLIANCE.

Your success is guaranteed when you follow this easy to follow plan that is an accumulation of over 20 years training with the masters in the “Success Principles” and Transformational Pshychology. This program will create unparalleled emotional AND physical health that will allow you to truly LIVE each day to the fullest, happy!

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“The Depleted Mum’s Revival Blueprint” takes you from STUCK to EMPOWERED in 5 elegant moves to fill your cup to overflowing with energy, enthusiasm and effortless ease! Like most mums you are running a household of children or babies, probably working, trying to be everything to everyone and feeling like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel JUST to do this!

It needn’t be this way and believe me, NO-ONE is getting the best of you, least of all YOU, when you are in this place. We ALL know this place right?

Let me show you the key strategies to get you back to your best and BEYOND, bringing the absolute best of mind and body medicine to the table along with cutting edge neuroscience to rebuild you inside and out BETTER than ever. Join the next program and get started to the new improved you, one you may never dreamed possible.