I’m a mum first and foremost!

Just like you, I want the absolute best for my child and by that I mean the best of health AND the best emotional resilience, peace and happiness humanly possible! Not much really…

I KNOW this is possible, I have created it for my own family, in spite of the rocky start. I’ve seen hundreds of clients create it for their own families and I want every mum to know that this is within OUR power. We CAN create extraordinary health and happiness for our kids!

I’m on a recruiting drive to create a community of mums living with extreme health & happiness and I want to show you how!

If you want to read more about me there’s plenty below BUT I am more interested in hearing about you!

Where are YOU at? It’s really all about YOU and what it’s going to take to unleash the brilliance already within you to create EXTRAORDINARY health AND happiness (you can’t have the best of one without the other) for you and your family. Take some time to think about this, in fact email me, I’d love to hear from you (…

I want you to know that YOU can become the deliberate creator of YOUR life and design your future, leaving your past patterns behind that keep you running the default “dodgy” program that’s driving disease and keeping you stuck living a life LESS that what is possible…

Click on “Work With Me” and find out your best next step!

You are uniquely amazing, there isn’t another woman on this planet like you and the commitment you are making to optimise YOUR health and happiness will have a profound impact on those around you, particularly your children. For this you need to be acknowledged. This journey will take you to new levels and every day you will become MORE of everything you want in your life AND you can sit back and watch your children simply shine as is their birthright with abundant confidence, resilience, robust health and personal responsibility. These are gifts every child deserves and although most of us didn’t grow up with them WE can give them to ourselves and our children.

I strongly believe we must re-set our brain and set our nervous system on course for health and happiness which goes FAR beyond supplements and medicines, even further than “great” nutrition…

So buckle up, where do YOU want to start? If you haven’t nailed great nutrition as yet and need some professional guidance then check out the page (“Resources” tab above) that fits your situation best and you will find handouts to use to get the show on the road and start to fuel your family toward robust resilient, vibrant health and even healing from chronic disease if that’s the case.

If you are “all over” nourishing food then it’s time to step into the “real” work in life; mastering the “inner” game. Let me show you how FUN this actually is and take your hand, you’re in the right place to bring together the very best of mind and body medicine for an incredible ride in life that will endure; check out the “Transformation” page and join me LIVE or ONLINE (we still get to see each other) and let the games begin…

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"I would never be where I am today without 'my past' and in every uncomfortable moment there has been an enlightening lesson that I have used to create a life I love and am entirely proud of today."

A BIT About Me

I didn’t grow up with an “ideal” diet or anything that even closely resembled great health! I also come from a divorced family, remarriage, step-monsters, you know the deal, boohoo! Plenty of health issues as an adult, failed relationships, never really feeling “fulfilled”. In fact feeling downright anxious and miserable QUITE a lot. I felt like I was living with a pressure band around my head, squeezing the life clean out of me and that wasn’t JUST the debilitating sinus issues, it came from my “inner” emotional world…

I resolved chronic debilitating allergies, PMS, ongoing weight  issues and “inner” blocks with what I refer to as “Root Cause Resolution”, an approach that uncovers and resolves the underlying “causes” of ANY health issue rather than waste time, money and LIFE by staying on the surface with symptoms. (If you are ready to step up, check out the “IGNITE!” program).

I found a way to unlearn the long held dodgy and sabotaging patterns and behaviours that were keeping me stuck, turn it all around with strategies I have made simple for my clients to follow and establish a stronger foundation of health, love, acceptance, appreciation and connection! If I can do this, you can do this…

I make light of my journey (with a little love and laughter life is WAY more fun) but the truth is, I would never be where I am today without “my past” and in every uncomfortable moment there has been an enlightening lesson that I have used to create a life I love and am entirely proud of today.

One where I get to share my skills to support other mums on their journey to personal power, passion and potential. To learn the lessons that make the day-to-day fun with an intrinsic knowing that “all is well”, empowered with skills to tackle ANYTHING!

These are gifts that we can then pass on to our children. Just imagine having the resources to not only “cope” in life and live with resilient and robust health (without your health WHAT have you got?) but to have the rock solid self-esteem that virtually guarantees success in EVERY way possible. Kids CAN learn this now and will grow up empowered, just watch them shine!!!

Well this is what I do. I am so blessed! My path in life is to empower mums (and mums to be) with the knowledge and practical tools to achieve TRUE mind and body vitality!

What I have learnt along the way is that mums really do rule the world! When we are at our best, there’s not much that goes pear shaped. Sadly, most of us are running on empty. That’s certainly true for the vast majority of mums I see in clinic trying to find the answers for, AND resolve their children’s health issues. When our cup is leaking, well, I’m sure you’ve been there!

I am an education junkie and for over 25 years I have been a student of human mind/body health. Both are intimately connected and we can all “unlearn” what is holding us back and reveal the inner, pure peace and potential just waiting to be unleashed, physically AND emotionally.

We AREN’T broken, we don’t need fixing. In fact we are programmed with our highest well-being potential ready to play. I have pulled together the very best of resources in the realm of mind and body medicine and after decades of clinical experience as a qualified Naturopath (ND), Herbalist, Nutritionist (Masters), Transpersonal Counselor, EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Transformational Master Life Coach (there’s more but enough already…) I have refined the blueprint for mums to EASILY implement (cut and paste style) and create this for themselves and their children.

Join me in nourishing every mum you know with simple, empowering tools to get the most AND best out of every day, it’s the journey that needs to be fun NOT some future imagined event, the future for our children is in our hands…

Click on the “Participate” link to restore the best of health for you and your family. I LOVE speaking too (just give me a time limit!), I would be delighted to come and speak at an event you are organising  to keep the Education, Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment roll alive!