I feel SO empowered! We beat the flu without Nurofen…

Hi Sal! I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how amazing, life saving really, your Home Health Care online course was. I absolutely LOVED all of the handouts and cheats you gave and the links to actual products  to buy online was incredibly useful. I got the top ones you recommended and not the day after  they arrived in the post my daughter got really grumpy and my first thought was exactly what you taught in the "Signs of Illness" lesson. Then I had another moment where I realised I was listening to my intuition and got all excited! Having someone remind me of my "inner wisdom" was a  total revelation, THANK YOU! So she did end up with a fever and straight  into a dry cough but I had the  remedies ready to go, broth made, your chest rub pretty much plastered all over  her and I just stayed confident, followed your steps and DIDN'T use panadol which we couldn't live without last year. Yes we had an interrupted night but within 24 hours she was through  it and the cough  had shifted into something MUCH less distressing and within a week she had not a sign of anything which, you know my girl, is a complete miracle. I am just so grateful to you and I will recommend this program to every mum I see. I am doing the next IGNITE by  the way, see you then. Fleur, Perth

Fantastic Course! I’d recommend it to any mum!

Hi Sally, I just finished your program (Home Health Care Without Harm) and despite not getting to sample your yummy food along the way, the online program is fantastic. I am so impressed with all the lessons as well as the meal planner and recipes which is a very generous addition. I also like the links to purchasing products to have on hand this is gold for me. Overall to know that I can come back to this information in such an easy format is very comforting. I am now going to get bulk in supplies and to print out all those recipe books. I would recommend this course to anyone needing help in this area. I hope to join you soon at another workshop. Thanks Sally...Warmest regards Tarnya, Perth


Lovely and Inspiring

Thank you Sally for the Kids Snacks and Lunches book online. It is always so lovely and inspiring to read your work. I love to use your "Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness" book a few times a week. I spoke to you on Skype last November regarding my daughter who is now the most healthy and beautiful 16 month old. As she is my third child I can honestly say that she is the healthiest and strongest as a result of being on a grain free diet, despite her cesarean birth. The boys also had a good diet as babies but allowing even a small amount of wheat based products or unprepared grain meals obviously had an effect. My daughter has bone broth daily as well as may other wonderful foods such as ferments that I used to prepare less often for the boys. It is so lovely to see a baby feeding herself sauerkraut! As a result of the changes to accommodate her we are all healthy and happy :o) It is certainly a lonely job, especially when I see NO other children at my school eating healthy lunches, and even worse is the sea of discarded plastic packaging produced at each lunch break… For this and a number of other reasons we are seriously considering a move to a Steiner school to connect with like minded people. I feel that I can’t bring enough change on my own and I am not one for the conflict and heated discussion which arises from these sorts of topics as I am too emotionally connected. With the help of one other teacher at school I am trying to introduce ‘nude food days’ and write a policy to reduce the amount of lollies and cakes handed out in the name of birthdays, rewards and so on… Change is slow. Within my own family I have been able to drive change and get my 3 sisters to include more and more of your advice into their daily lives. My sister Debbie Nielsen recently bought your book and Sally Fallon's and they are all using your website and Facebook posts as resources. Bone broth and soaked grains are now commonplace as is milk kefir, with weetbix and puffed cereals OFF the menu! Your breakfast cake was a winner with my 6 y.o. niece and the day she ate it she won the cross country race at school. Needless to say she is sold on the benefits of healthy breakfasts! So at least my lovely nieces are getting a better start as a result of your and my efforts. All the best and thank you again so much for all your wonderful work! You are an inspiration and I am planning to commence study in nutrition in the future to follow in your footsteps.

A walking wealth of knowledge

Our family would like to thank-you for all of your advice, knowledge and time given to us over the past year. You have shared ongoing advice, support and natural methods to bring our children to optimum health. This is something we had doubted would have ever been possible with the health challenges and hurdles we had to face recently. You are amazing and a walking wealth of knowledge. I just attended your 'Nourishing Foundations' workshop. Thank-you for such an inspiring and thought provoking session today. I feel so blessed to have someone like you to help educate us as mums to give our children the best chance to thrive. You provided us with a massive toolbox of natural remedies to strengthen a child's immune system, to prevent illness and to treat illnesses when they do arise. Your knowledge and research uses decades of traditional recipes and methods that are so simple to implement. I dream one day that I may too be able educate other mums to some capacity like you 🙂

So good!

Hi Sal, Just a quick email to say thanks very much for today's workshop.  I loved it, as well as all the tastings on offer.  I now feel more confident to use a greater range of herbs from my garden to create healing delights for myself and the boys.  I particularly loved the Mum's Vitality Tonic.  It was so comforting and a delightful sensory experience.  I am also looking forward to making the Elderberry Syrup using my own homegrown Elder flowers and the Honey Onion Cough Elixir.  So good! Thanks again for giving the gift of 'empowerment' with all that you do.