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How to STOP Negative Thinking from “Stealing” MORE of Your Life…

“WHolistic” Family Wellness TV Episode 2: How to STOP Negative Thinking from STOPPING You…

The most common issue I see in clinic, apart from chronic disease, is the impact of chronic negative thinking and NO-ONE is immune.

In fact, our negative thinking as parents can profoundly influence our kids and has a part to play in EVERY dis-ease, ours and theirs! That’s why I’m so passionate about empowering mums with REAL strategies that cut to the core rather than the typical bandaids…

We have to stop our negative thinking from shaping our lives and keeping us stuck in our “challenges” and WORSE, setting our kids to live those same limiting patterns…

I want to show you how to STOP “negative thinking” and turn your health AND life around!

The power of our thoughts and our mind to shape our lives is something that is challenging to wrap our heads around!

I think that’s the case for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we’re NEVER taught how to use our brain, the MOST powerful “machine” on the planet and yet we don’t get the operating manual, not in school and not from our parents!

Secondly, there’s a powerful inbuilt survival program that tries to throw us off the scent of the truth, which is that WE are the only obstacle in our life. Our beliefs and thoughts shape EVERY aspect of our experience and until we are alerted to this truth we are living unconcsiously, driven by our automatic program which is set for survival ONLY!

Part of this automatic program is due to our evolutionary heritage and our need to scan our environment for threats to our survival so it has a very powerful “negativity” bias that few of us even know we can interrupt.

This negativity bias leads us to think negatively, which I’d like to point out is NORMAL! What we then do with those thoughts is a choice, which can come as quite a shock when we see the implications of this, “what, I chose that….”

Let’s back it up a little and not get carried away, so take a breath (good for the brain and nervous system) and really deconstruct this concept because when you do, you’ll take a HUGE step toward personal freedom and MORE daily joy, who doesn’t want that!

As I was saying, negative thinking is normal, but what we then do is actually believe the thinking as if it were the truth! We have a thought, and rather than put it into perspective because no-one’s ever shown us how to use our mind, we fall for it and over time we practice and reinforce that thinking until it becomes WHO we are! Sound familiar…

Well, neuroscience, psychology and the Human Potential movement has shown us that we can interrupt our thoughts, challenge the dodgy ones (believed to be around 70% of them thanks to our survival program) and replace them with new and empowering thoughts to move on in life with!

This becomes extremely relevant when dealing with a health challenge, because our thoughts are DIRECTLY impacting our health, this negativity bias is keeping us stuck in our sympathetic nervous system and that is going to derail ALL other efforts at healing (eventually).

So for today, I want to give you some powerful Life Coaching and Transpersonal Counseling tools to re-write YOUR wellness (body, mind, spirit).

  1. Begin to observe your thoughts and catch yourself when you are thinking “negatively”
  2. Step back and get some perspective with these 3 questions: is it true or just an habitual thought; is it important; is it helpful?
  3. Label your thoughts such as “I’m having a thought that I can’t do…”, it’s a subtle shift but it does shift your perspective to one of empowerment which will SAVE some of your energy.
  4. Try thanking your mind for trying to keep you safe, awesome survival program, then say I’ve got this and can take it from here and inject a NEW thought to retrain your brain such as “I can do…”
  5. Find a quick comeback such as “I AM ENOUGH, I AM WORTHY, I CAN DO THIS”…

We are SO much more powerful than we know and we CAN get out of our own way to live an extraordinary life with fabulous, vibrant health from wherever you’re at now…

Why wait another second to live with the “peace” you crave! Right now is ALL you have (or are you waiting to be happy until “some condition” is met?) so why not choose YOU and your family’s happiness and join the next IGNITE! workshop and join hundreds of women who have stepped into their “bliss” and live the life they used to just dream about! Register your interest by emailing info@realhealthykids.com. I’m aiming to begin the next journey in December so you can start 2018 on FIRE!


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