I’ve spent over 2 decades refining my clinical practice to deliver the exact strategies that will treat the “root cause” of physical and emotional health issues for every family I work with that are easy to embrace and ensure success. In recent times I have been working with small groups dealing with similar issues and have been utterly overwhelmed (in a wonderful way) by the results.

It wasn’t long ago that I became exhausted trying to find (magically create) the time to see the endless stream of clients needing guidance to navigate their “stress”; a sick child, their own health challenges, life was just hard. Not only was the situation unworkable, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week, I became depleted, unable to give my best! At the time I had a 5 month wait list which wasn’t serving anyone…






Out of desperation the idea came to me to group clients together based on the similarity of issues and during the very first of these groups I was BLOWN away. Not only did I systematise my approach for achieving true resolution and create a foundation for robust resilient health, but the dynamic of a group exponentially improved the journey AND outcomes for ALL as we shared our accumulated wisdom, experiences and insights.

EVERY family who has participated in these programs has seen REAL and awesome results and for this reason I now work solely to facilitate group programs. To join the next program where I will hold your hand and leave no stone un-turned to support healing and to create vital health for your  family, check out the upcoming events and programs by clicking on “Participate” above and find a program to suit you.

If you are looking to resolve a health issue then the program for you is “Root Cause Resolution”. I begin a new program every 2-4 weeks where you are guided over 10 weeks to achieve your goals! Your success is guaranteed with this blueprint and you can read below how quickly some families  begin to see results.

I will hold your hand and you will be supported to take the steps needed to HEAL and set your kids up for long term health AND happiness. These groups are powerful and also incredibly cost effective, the price of the entire program is less than 2 sessions with me privately. The programs vary in length but the average is 10 weeks.

My “signature” program is IGNITE which will take you from where you are to “Wholistic Brilliance” so you can simply step into  your unlimited potential, living the life you design with passion, power and purpose. Don’t wait another minute to REALLY start living, you will never he held back by anything again and your “discomforts” WILL dissolve…

I also offer a wide range of FREE Webinars which you will find on the “Events” page and FREE downloads are scattered throughout this site to set your “health” journey squarely on the right path!

If you would like to work privately with me then we can create a program to suit your needs based on a minimum of 4 sessions or 4 hours split over a number of sessions ($795) to ensure your success. Places are very limited and an application process will apply with preference given to chronic health issues and those showing the commitment level needed for recovery and creating the ideal healing environment. Contact me on info@realhealthykids.com to discuss your options.