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What IS the “Right” Nutrition Approach?

“WHolistic” Family Wellness TV Replay Episode 1: Unique Food Prescription…


Well isn’t this a question for the ages!

Could you ever imagine this question being asked by our grandparents, even most of our parents, certainly not a couple of hundred years ago!

It’s become so incredibly topical as we begin to fully understand the pickle we’re in when it comes to our health and the role that our modern approach to eating has to play in driving this increasing disease…

We now find ourselves overwhelmed with choice as to which approach to nutrition is best and it appears that our decisions are shaped by the latest trendiest option that has little evidence, historical precedence or physiological awareness, rather the marketing is good and we’ve forgotten how to ask smart questions OR tune into our unique needs…

We are all unique, there will never be another one just like you or your kids. In addition to this, we are subject to forces such as the seasons, the moon, our hormones, our animal connection that we pay little attention to as a rule, instead we look outside ourselves for guidance.

We’ve lost our innate ability to navigate our own ship, to look within, to tune in, to listen, to trust and then to take action. When it comes to nutrition we can begin to build that “inner” muscle and be guided by our changing needs rather than be rigidly stuck to any single approach to nutrition.

We can use this approach to create vibrant health from a proactive perspective OR when on a healing journey as we tweak nutrition to create and enhance the window of healing opportunity while the Root Cause Pillars are resolved.

The starting point for nutrition is with REAL and WHOLE food, it doesn’t get more complicated than that. Many of the families that I’ve worked with over 25 years have stayed with that approach and enjoyed incredible results. Most who are on a healing journey will need to step it up and eliminate certain foods to remove “trigger” foods that are behaving like obstacles to health and their removal provides that window of healing opportunity. Whilst foods are removed, healthful foods are amplified to give the body the resources it needs (nutrients from food) to fuel healing.

Great nutrition is “flexible”, changing with our needs and when we nail it we truly can harness it’s potential to support healing and our long term health!

Great health is our innate birthright and so we can begin to observe the symptoms we’re experiencing as a vital “clue” to our dis-ease…

The best way we can do that is to take a food and symptom diary, sadly there isn’t a reliable test that exists that is better than our observation once we know what we’re looking for and HOW exactly to tune in.

You can download your copy of the “Food & Symptom Diary” right CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, and become your own health champion, the director of your wellness!

I believe NOW more than ever that we need to become empowered, to be wary of quick fixes and to change our paradigm to Root Cause Resolution, the only place we can restore balance and rebuild resilient foundations. Don’t stay stuck in symptom management when a proven alternative exists that will set you free from the treadmill of rigid nutrition, supplements, healthcare costs and STRESS!!!

Join the “Root Cause Resolution” program if you’re ready to take back YOUR wellness…

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