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Empowered Emotions for Happy Families!


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Tools & Strategies for Navigating Life with Steadfast Confidence, Belief, Resilience & Success

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Anxiety, depression and other emotional well-being issues are exponentially rising in our children today. This crisis is looming as the single biggest threat to our ill-equipped health care system and is poorly understood as well as poorly managed in our modern world.

Our children are living in “stressful” times! It is believed by experts that EVERY child experiences “anxiety” or “stress” to some degree and its cascade into more chronic and life altering versions is on the increase. Emotional well-being is pivotal to our experience in life! When it is strong, we are virtually limitless in our potential to be happy and excel in life. When it is low, well we’ve all had a hint of that.

Poor emotional well-being can pop up in many and varied ways and in many cases simply stops us from “doing” in life for fear of the outcomes. Intimately linked to this is self-esteem and this is widely known to be the core personality trait needed to experience a fulfilling and happy life studded with results and success!

Low self-esteem translates into stress, bullying or being bullied, confusion, fatigue, lack of effort or no effort, negativity, anxiety, depression, misery, drug abuse, criminal behaviour, a downward spiral that can prematurely end life! Is any of this something we want for our kids?

And yet nearly EVERY child will experience this and it is a great tragedy that we as parents are not educated to empower our children with the tools, strategies and practices that can prevent ANY of this for them and heal ALL of us with rock solid resilience inside and out!

Our children learn what they live and unknowingly we are actually be contributing to their emotional  well-being, both empowering and dis-empowering!

We can simply turn the tables on these insidious issues and learn the exact steps to take to EMPOWER our children’s emotions and equip them with the skills in life to inform their future, take responsibility and be powerful in this human experience as the creator of their journey.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to see your child rise above and handle any “stress” in their lives, from school bullies and exams to achieving limitless success, all because they have unwavering self-esteem and belief!

I have joined forces with Joanne Edmonds, a Positive Psychology Expert with a passion for empowering her clients to achieve true “inner” peace. Together we have create a comprehensive program to support parents to step into a deeper level of connection with themselves and their children to be in a powerful position to profoundly impact their children’s experience in life now and into the future. Imagine empowering your children with REAL life skills that WILL help  them shine and succeed with a level of self-belief that  benefits all those around them.

We will hold your hand for 4 weeks and help you with:

  1. Uncover AND resolve the hidden physiological obstacles behind anxiety that are keeping your child stuck in the cycle
  2. Retraining the “brain” with the latest in neuroscience and psychological understanding
  3. Gain a deep level of personal awareness for great daily enjoyment in life regardless of circumstances
  4. Reveal sabotaging beliefs and replace them with new empowering beliefs that create ease and the ability to copy in any situation your child will face
  5. The “right” food and lifestyle for your child to excel in all areas
  6. Investigating the “Root Cause” of anxiety and the spectrum of health issues
  7. Beyond pharmaceutical treatment and symptom management to real resolution
  8. Incorporate daily strategies to build resilience for children to “fully” participate in life and amplify the “fun” in every moment
  9. Resolution tactics you can teach your child in a flash to deal with acute “stress”
  10. Successfully applying these teachings into “real life” and benefit immediately!

This enlightening journey will empower you to support your child to live with greater calm, happiness, fun and success, all of which are compromised with any level of “stress” or diagnosed mental health issue. You will become clear and at peace as a parent to become the role model your children need. In the process you will also release any blocks that have been holding you back so you can live a more fulfilling and HAPPY life!