We have an incredible opportunity to lay the foundations for our baby’s health AND our own journey throughout pregnancy for optimal physical and emotional well-being. This is a time of wonder, excitement AND preparation for the enormous transition into motherhood. Believe me, you want to step into this role with a “full” cup, a plan of action and well directed support (as well as a freezer full of bone broth and pantry loaded with healthy and nourishing “quick” fixes)!

Instead, this has become a very medicalised journey full of stress, fear and misinformation throwing mums-to-be off the scent of what they truly want and what is “best” for baby’s health now and well into the future.

Having formally trained in “Natural Fertility Management”, Francesca Naish, AND embraced the wisdom of Dr Weston A Price in my own life and clinic, I have seen the profound outcomes of the “right” intervention consistently for the health or our babies AND mums!

What we ALL want is a memorable experience to be enjoyed with abundant love and trust in our bodies, with clarity and peace of mind. With an awareness of what is to come and how to create the ideal environment and outcomes for us and our babies!

By combining the very best of mind & body medicine and an understanding of modern science, particularly Epigenetics, you CAN create the very best outcomes for both mum & bub! There are 4 key areas to focus on for “extraordinary” health and happiness outcomes:

Healthy Pregnancy Choices


1. The right nutrition feeds the growing baby as well as supporting the extra pressure the mum’s body is under to create new life. We live in strange times where much of the “food” we are eating is actually NOT ideal or even “real” food and it is damaging to health. For the best of health for ourselves and our babies we need a wide array of quality nutrition and the best place to start is with “real” and “whole” foods. Learning to eat and cook these foods WILL save your life! Download your FREE guide below to get started today, it’s never too late OR too soon to start fuelling the best of health with great nutrition…


2. The “RIGHT” supplements that are quality, food based preferably “organic” and in a bioavailable (usable by the body) form. Harvard Medical research has clearly shown the benefits of supplementation during pregnancy. However, SO many of the supplements being prescribed by doctors and naturopaths alike are synthetic and in forms that are potentially harmful to health. The body simply does NOT work in a way that requires the individual supplementation of ingredients, this kind of micromanagement of our cellular health is ludicrous! The human body is pure brilliance and it ONLY recognises and uses “REAL” nutrition from “REAL” (food) sources.


3. Mindfulness practices to incorporate on a daily basis which will enhance “baby’s” health and growth as well as manage our own “stress”. Let’s not forget that “stress” is the number 1 killer and driver of disease and our babies are NOT immune to the stress experienced by mum when in the womb and beyond.


4. Life skills to manage our internally created stress. Experts believe that ALL stress is a product of our own mind and with a few easy to learn skills we can turn the tables to enhance our calm, joy and outcomes in any given situation AND our children profoundly benefit. Otherwise we keep repeating the familial patterns that have landed us in the “pain” we are in! We are a product of our childhood environment and unless  we clean up our act and rewrite our “dodgy” believe systems then THIS is what our children learn. Psychologists tell us  that greater than 70% of our “inner” programming is dodgy and self-limiting, NOT the foundation for robust emotional resilience. Who wants THAT for their kids, really?

I have joined forces with Dr Sarah Moore GP, ObGyn, who has also seen the profound impact of adopting this approach with her patients.

We have created an incredible program that takes parents to be on a journey to creating optimal physical AND emotional well-being to create vibrant health simply second to none and give their children the absolute best start in life possible. Join us for the “Happy Healthy Mums & Bubs” journey and make a profound difference in your “baby’s” life. This is NOW available BOTH “live” and ONLINE,  to get started IMMEDIATELY simply click on the “Participate” tab at the top of  the page and join a program.

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