This page features “Podcasts”, “Interviews” and “Webinar” replays that are educational and inspirational in nature. If we  hope to create the very best of health for ourselves and our children and AVOID the predicted disease for us all then we need to embrace re-education! We’ve been exposed to widespread misinformation about  health and I have interviewed experts from a range of “health” backgrounds to gain an insight into HOW to restore optimal health  for ourselves and our  children. Get your notepad ready and click away!

South West Wellness Expo – The  Missing “Peace” of the Health Puzzle; Social Connection.

Interview with Sally Fallon, founder of  the  Weston A Price Foundation – In this interview Sally shares valuable health insights and nutrition wisdom beautifully combined with common sense. Every mum should watch this.

Interview with Jennifer Moss: Entrepreneur, Transformational Mentor – How to bring “love” into every day practices and live with authenticity and a deep sense of peace.

Interview with Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope Nutrition Expert. In this interview Julie shares her extensive experience in treating children with Autism and Chronic health issues and provides some key insights and wisdom to support families traversing this rocky terrain.