Luscious “Immune & Energy Boosting” Latte: with the “hero” spice, Tumeric

I LOVE Tumeric!

If I seem a bit excited please excuse me, I just can’t hide my love for this fabulous spice, one of mother nature’s TRUE healers…

There’s a secret in the world of herbal medicine that needs to be shared and I think the time to do that is NOW!

You see there ARE answers that are proven, safe, tried and true that we can embrace as mums and end the cycle of HARM…

With disease exponentially rising, the predictions for our children SO dire and pharmaceuticals failing us, it’s high time every mum had an arsenal of “food” ingredients that are even MORE powerful in their action to support human health than ANY other substances known to man.

You would know them as herbs and spices. As a Herbal Medicine Pracitioner I know them as powerful “healers” with the potential to resolve CHRONIC health issues.

So why on earth are we NOT using them to their fullest benefit, especially when they can safely, effectively and MOST CERTAINLY be part of the solution to the health crisis on all fronts that we are facing.

Tumeric is just one of these powerful foods that has an extremely long history of traditional medicinal use AND is now supported by over 2000 research papers.

Tumeric is known to be a wonderful ally for the immune system and can boost and calm as needed making it great in times of acute infections AND to treat chronic conditions that are inflammatory in nature such as arthritis, cancer, depression, auto-immune disease…

Probably the most exciting action of curcumin, the active component of tumeric, is its ability to support a healthy gut and our microbiome!

Tumeric is a potent digestive tonic, reducing bloating and relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive system, encouraging healthy digestion and regulating digestive hormones, bile and gastric acid.

Tumeric is considered a MUST for treating “Leaky Gut” because it works to heal and regenerate the colonic crypts (glands on the inner surface of the colon).

It also has a role to play in DNA coding, ensuring that dodgy elements are NOT replicated and that worn out cells are properly disposed of.

All of this makes tumeric one seriously powerful food and regular use WILL have a profound impact.

In my new book, “The Medicinal Menu” I share ALL of my favourite herbs and spices in a stunning range of NEW and delicious recipes. The hard copy is a couple of months away but the online version is excruciatingly close I’m feeling all “jiggy” (as Jacob says)…

One of my favourite recipes that I want to share today is really one for the mums but don’t be surprised if your little people take a shine to it.

I think of this recipe as a “tool” and EVERY mum needs a well stocked tool belt to tackle life right?!

Between recipes and “inner” strategies, we really CAN be well equipped to take back control of our lives and create ease and peace and a far different course than that predicted for our health by the WHO (World Health Organisation)!

Start to find ways to build some tumeric into your day. You only need to use a little (heated and with a little healthy fat is best for optimal cellular usage) and it can go into ALL sorts of things, not just a curry. Add it to:

  • scrambled eggs
  • muffins
  • frittatas
  • bliss balls
  • jubes
  • smoothies
  • sauces, marinades and dressings
  • coffee
  • soup
  • latte!

Ok, so I’m sharing one of my most prized recipes and over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share a few others that feature in my NEW book “The Medicinal Menu” because they rock!

Below is the recipe for my “Latte Spice Mix” which is best added to thick, creamy home-made nut or seed milk. If you’ve been following a no or low sugar approach then you won’t need any sweetener, if not then consider adding a date to make your nut milk or a little honey when serving.

This spice mix lasts for yonks! AND it makes the perfect gift, make jars and use them as prezzies…

I recommend you enjoy a “Luscious Latte” at least a few times a week AND engage fully in the experience of taking a break as you enjoy it!

The benefits to your health are priceless and your taste buds will also love you for the experience. I recommend grinding organic whole spices or at the very least using ground organic spices.

Ingredients to be mixed together and stored in a glass jar:

  • ½ cup tumeric
  • 2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp ginger
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tsp cardamom
  • 1 heaped tsp vanilla bean (or powder)
  • ½ tsp nutmeg
  • ¼ tsp clove 

I will let you know as soon as my NEW book is ready, I promise xxx

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