It is ALWAYS my pleasure and passion to facilitate LIVE events! I have enjoyed delivering the information that can empower and transform the lives of mums for over 10 years and bring over 25 years experience of running a successful clinic. There is nothing that quite compares to “being” there, in the room with a gifted mentor and a dynamic energy. Combine this with the easy to follow material and practical guidance that is always provided and you have a recipe you can make your own and apply immediately to “uplevel” your life.

If you love LIVE events but can’t make it to my corner of the world (2017 will see much more travel for me so stay tuned) then join an ONLINE event where technology means we can still be “live” with each other and SEE each other, something rarely offered with online programs, but where’s the fun without it I say! My unique approach harnessing the latest technology creates an intimate environment and personal connection, you’ll barely notice we aren’t in the  same room!

Wherever you are on your journey, join me to stay inspired and motivated and keep learning! Check out the “Events” page and join me for a Life Transforming Event TODAY, just click on the “Participate” tab at the top of the  page.