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A Little Inspiration for Mums: from Australia’s Leading “Law of Attraction” EXPERT!

As mums we can sometimes feel SO alone, uninspired, “low”, stuck, tired to the bones, sick of the daily grind…Many mums I see in clinic feel like this for YEARS! So long that they even forget there’s another way to be! So long, they feel scared to change…

We have it within our “grasp” to truly live our lives with passion, fun, flexibility, excitement, peace, calm, joy, living up to our potential with a sense of “inner” knowing that all is well and there isn’t ANYTHING you couldn’t do.

So how do we get there I hear you ask?  Well  you don’t have to figure this out by yourself! In fact, there are countless women who are living their lives WHOLEHEARTEDLY with daring, courage, abundance, fun, confidence and LOVE who didn’t start out this way…

Let’s be honest, few of us start out living this way! Instead, we live predominantly from a space of fear which begins in childhood from our perceived  negative experiences, eventually hitting adulthood with a tonne of emotional baggage and a HUGE sense of limitation that leaves us believing that the very best the world has to offer is NOT  within our reach. So we settle, not knowing what to do with that “inner” voice that keeps telling us, this isn’t right…

The harder part comes when we become mums and we instantly know that we want MORE for our kids, we would do just about anything to ensure they live their BEST life possible, we  just don’t know how!

We don’t have the skills to “design” our inner and outer experience, we lack the emotional well-being tools and we lack the health education that can secure a long, vibrant future! Hmmm, bit crazy right?!?!

Well I know, from my own personal journey, that we can turn around our health and we can turn around our thinking and we CAN start designing lives that reflect our values, our passion and our dreams…

We CAN live without “stress”, the single biggest killer of humans! Can CAN be healthy for life, we CAN be happy for life! It’s all driven from the inside out and when you know what to change and how, well it really is as SIMPLE  as that!

When you follow some proven, key practices, ANYONE can do this. I’ve been running a program called IGNITE! for a year now and have seen EVERY woman who has embraced these tools STEP into a NEW and EMPOWERED life with renewed passion and joy and a deep sense of peaceful knowing…

I had the great privilege of  speaking with Australia’s foremost expert in self-empowerment, and she is a stunning example of “change”. Sandy Forster, founder of www.wildlyweatlhywomen.com has made it her life mission to educate and empower women with the tools that WILL transform their lives.

Like many of  us, she was living a life that wasn’t fulfilling, or satisfying. Her journey of learning revealed a clear plan that she has followed time and again to enjoy incredible success and results. This plan is something we can ALL learn from, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, success leaves clues and this is pure gold!

You can hear this conversation below where Sandy shares some powerful techniques and tools to begin the journey of “choice” rather than the life of “reaction” most of us are currently living.


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