So many of us “arrive” in parenthood in these modern times simply expecting the absolute best of health for our kids in both body and mind. The sad reality is that unless we create a plan for this to happen, our children, as predicted by the WHO (World Health Organisation), will experience something very different from what we truly desire for them.

Disease is on the cards (guaranteed) for children from every walk of life in this “modern” world if we continue as we are; eating processed and packaged foods and living lifestyles that are sedentary and filled with “stress”. It can be hard to hear this but disease is an issue for OUR kids, yep, privileged kids living in modern, western communities. Disease is not just about old people and we are experiencing health issues earlier and earlier including eczema, asthma, ongoing infections (eg ea, throat, sinuses), diabetes, arthritis, appendicitis, cancer, thyroid issues, obesity and more…

No parent wants THIS for their child! Becoming educated about the “right” food to nourish our children, how to keep the body healthy, how to manage acute and chronic health issues AND how to build emotional well-being for personal peace, fulfillment and success throughout life is in “OUR” hands as parents.

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We have an incredible opportunity and it is WAY easier than you might think to take the steps needed to achieve your hopes and vision for your children. The power lies in OUR hands as parents, so let me hold yours and show you the way so you can become more confident with easy to follow steps.

Your best next step is “Nourishing Foundations”, your map for optimal child health with an EXACT plan for day to day life (including meals), or “Home Health Care Without Harm” to learn exactly how to avoid adding toxins (which have devastating consequences but are the reality if we choose pharmaceuticals blindly) into your child’s body AND how to create a solid foundation for lasting health.

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