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YOUR Healthiest & Happiest “BUG” Season EVER! The Remedy You CAN’T Live Without…

Do you DREAD winter?

I’ve seen plenty of mums start to freak out at the first hint of “bugs”, terrified that their kids will “get it” and the stress that means for the WHOLE family.

NOT only do we hate to see our kids sick, it means extra stress for mums who already have their plates full! The stress of sleepless nights, of days off school, of days off work to watch them, of helplessness because we aren’t armed with tools or strategies to handle and overcome even common health events!

It just doesn’t have to be this way!

In fact, we have HUGE potential to write an entirely different story for our kids! We can even avoid MOST infections simply by building our resilience. I’ve created a simple map to follow to make this happen so you can step into empowered, confident and prepared “Home Health Care GODDESS”! I’ve made it super duper easy, it’s NOW available for you to access, check out the “Home Health Care Without Harm” program and get ready for the onslaught of winter TODAY!

BUT, in this article I want to gift “mums” with a “Self-Care Action Plan” specifically for WINTER!

When we look after ourselves so many wonderful outcomes are possible:

  1. we can avoid winter infections
  2. we teach our kids the profound value of self-care
  3. we maintain “high” energy levels (rather than feeling like we are dragging our butts through the day)
  4. we stay on top of stress (what wouldn’t you GIVE to live without the impact of stress which WILL drive disease in the future if left unchecked) IN FACT, we give ourselves breathing space to, dare I say it, REALLY start enjoying life!!!
  5. we become part of the solution, NOT the problem, in the family unit!

Some pretty good reasons right?!?

If you follow these simple steps, I can guarantee THIS winter WILL be your absolute best!

We assume that great health and happiness are simply ours for the taking but the reality is, these BOTH take work. Seeing as life is NOT great if you don’t have the BEST of either of these it’s a pretty good idea to invest some time, energy, effort and money into them!

Start with this “Winter Self-Care Plan” and build from there:

  1. NUTRITION: we are either fuelling ourselves toward robust, resilient health OR disease! We need real, whole, quality food NOT factory created convenience food. This simple and yet controversial truth is central to our body’s ability to fight, survive and thrive! If you are “all over” great nutrition and you’ve left processed foods behind then HUGE congrats! Step 1 done, move on to the next! If not, then it’s time to invest in YOUR health and if that’s not incentive enough then consider the future of your kids! NO-one is immune to the impact of the “average” diet. If you are doing what MOST people are doing you are in DANGER! Head to the resources section of this website and join the FREE “Healthy Essentials” program and learn what it takes to create lasting health with the “right” nutrition. Here’s a wonderful superfood powder I LOVE to use to add fabulous nutrition and herbal support for whole body wellness!
  2. “INNER” MASTERY: there is a simple equation that ALL the thought leaders that have ever lived refer to: E + R = O. This equation is considered the KEY to creating personal freedom and puts us squarely in the driver seat of our life, making our “responses” to life a choice! This powerful insight WILL set YOU FREE too! It’s proven to work for everyone and I’ve got a FREE tool you can use to right here, so what are you waiting for? Without “Inner” Mastery we are driving “unseen” disease processes, we are setting ourselves up for a future of struggle, don’t let this insidious beast diminish your immune health and leave you susceptible to “WINTER BUGS”.
  3. STRESS BUSTING TOOLBELT: this POORLY understood reality of life is now the single biggest predictor of disease. Stress comes in myriad forms and if you don’t have a “Stress Busting Toolbelt” you are in for a rough ride. Stress impacts us ALL and our kids are worst affected. When we learn the tools to manage and unravel our own stress, we empower our children and according to the latest statistics, “depression” is predicted to be the #1 health issue of the future! We all need to be using “Stress Busting” tools every day simply to handle life, let alone DE-stress from our past…Mindfulness is a wonderful start, a few minutes daily of simple breath awareness will work wonders for your body and mind. Keep an eye out for my “Stress Busting Toolbelt”, including a daily guided meditation that will INSTANTLY soothe your nervous system and set you up for a GREAT day everyday, this is part of the IGNITE program and I’m giving it away next week!
  4. WINTER REMEDIES: I am going to share with you a powerful immune and entire system supporting remedy that I LOVE to recommend for mums with consistent, STUNNING results. This is in addition to my TOP 10 Winter Remedies Cheat Sheet from the Home Health Care Without Harm program which identifies the remedies that will keep your kids healthy, OUT of the doctors office and away from harmful antibiotics and pain killers! Here is my favourite remedy for mums (take 1 morning and night), to keep YOU on track this winter. Remember to use supplements cautiously, with the proper guidance, and this article doesn’t take the place of professional guidance. In fact MOST remedies are synthetic and potentially harmful to human health, even the ones from the health food store.


You REALLY can stay Winter Well! We have the power in our hands to create supreme health for ourselves and our children, you CAN do this. Reach out if you need more guidance, I’m ALL about education and I’ll find a way to meet you where YOU are at…Sal x

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