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How to Heal the “Vagus Nerve” to Heal Your Mind & Body…

Our brain and nervous system are the drivers of our health, both physical and emotional… Stress in this system has the capacity to derail us and when we are stressed we compromise our most powerful ally for “Wellness”; the Vagus Nerve.

Stress IS the stress in this system… In this video presentation I share a powerful lesson on this critical aspect of our nervous system that every mum MUST know and exactly how to heal the vagus nerve to FULLY heal the body and mind. To ignore this aspect of heath will keep us stuck in symptom management and stuck in the stress that WILL contribute to preventable disease (the biggest killer of all)! You can also download a copy of the presentation slides by CLICKING HERE


For most of my career I have understood the need to address “stress” through the use of supplements/herbs and lifestyle intervention and we all know how popular “mindfulness” has become, but unless we take it to the NEXT level, our health potential will never be realised and our intrinsic “Wellness” (the vibrant health we are born for) will remain elusive…

I’m pretty much obsessed with getting to the root cause of health issues, the very CORE foundations where health or disease begin. (See my “Root Cause Resolution” program for details of this proven approach to heal at the PILLARS of health HERE, the next journey begins soon). The interesting thing about dis-ease is that the body is SO programmed for health, our body does ALL it can all day every day to keep things in check and seemingly ok, that by the time we see a symptom of any kind we’re a long way down the road, miles away from where and when it began… So the question I have come to ask more and more in recent years is “are we REALLY addressing stress, REALLY TRULY?” From a clinical perspective, I think we’ve been paying lip service to truly healing our stress and thus hampering our brain and nervous system from optimal function and our intrinsic health potential. Healing our stress takes more than nutrition, more than herbs and supplements, more than mindfulness and yoga…

Healing our stress takes “inner” work. It takes us looking within to discover WHY our brain is preventing healing, why our nervous system is driving disease, how WE are teaching our children how to be in the world, why our efforts with nutrition are not getting us where we really want to go… Every mum I’ve worked with and know wants their kids to thrive in every way possible and yet this is NOT guaranteed. There are skills to learn and immense power within that is either being primed for brilliance of primed for challenge (both physical and emotional)! We must resolve our OWN stress to set them free from our baggage and there is a clear MAP to achieving this… We must be willing to do the work that WILL set them free from our pain, otherwise they will repeat the same old patterns of stress and self-limiting behaviours…

We CAN learn how to unravel who we are, make peace with our pain, in fact glean the gifts they have to teach us, and consciously create a design for the future that aligns with OUR desires, to set our children free from our own guilt, suffering and “baggage”. We can then teach our kids how to harness their own potential to take responsibility for their lives and create success and fulfillment in the face of ever increasing “stress”… I’ve created another FREE training to share the vital Human Potential tools and Neuroscience every mum deserves to know:

Discover The Greatest Skill You Can Learn To Live A Better Life

Join me for the training right here, my gift to your unlimited potential! Sally Gray ND x

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