What does GREAT health look like for kids? My top signs of health to look for.

This might seem like an odd question to pose, but if you stick with me here you may just be in for an epiphany! We accept a certain level of dis-ease as normal in our society. In fact, so many seemingly innocuous health conditions have become everyday occurrences due to their common nature when in fact they are actually signs of imbalance, of something deeper going on that needs to be addressed. These have become so pervasive, that our concept of child health has been dumbed down enough that we accept them as normal, fine, to be tolerated, all part of the human experience. Well I think it’s high time we set an appropriate bench mark for health and strive to achieve and maintain this for the sake of our kids’ future health and wellness if not our own.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about, the things people brush off as normal and acceptable and tend not to delve into the “why” because someone else (often a doctor) has said it is nothing. Well they’re not nothing and they’re not normal and THEY DO NEED ADDRESSING:

  • eczema is normal for kids, they’ll grow out of it
  • colic is normal, nothing to be worried about
  • reflux, all babies have it at some time
  • headaches, just be armed with panadol for when they happen, everyone gets headaches
  • sleep, my child barely sleeps; my child doesn’t go to sleep for hours; my child wakes every night at the same time
  • poo, well that rarely happens, but I was the same as a child or still am
  • poo, they just have a nervous tummy, better out than in
  • night terrors, my husband had them as a kid too, it must run in the family
  • PMS, my daughter is already a little b….. every month, I half expected it because I am the same, never have had a normal/regular cycle
  • anxious, it’s just who they are, I was the same and anxiety runs in the family
  • depression, they’ve always been a stressed, sensitive, depressed child, that’s just normal for them
  • infections, had them since a baby, all kinds, adenoids and grommets helped with the ear infections so we live on antibiotics for the throat and chest infections during winter
  • asthma, it runs in the family so there’s nothing that can be done
  • ……… it runs in the family, there’s nothing that can be done

Any ring true for you? We should expect nothing less than vibrant health and happiness for our kids and simply not stop until we get there. NO health issue, however insignificant should be tolerated and in fact are likely glaring indicators of inflammatory processes that left unchecked will progress into much worse over time. By the time the much worse comes along it’s a much harder job to bring it under control.

So here is what great health looks like, accepting anything less is doing your child a HUGE disservice:

  • happy disposition consistently (grumpiness is not a personality trait that kids are born with)
  • tolerates stress well
  • sleeps well ie easy to go to sleep, through the night without waking and then wakes up feeling refreshed
  • does a poo daily that meets that meets the Bristol Stool Chart guidelines, ie not pebbly and hard to push out and not liquidy
  • has good energy levels that last the day, just enough not too much
  • has a healthy appetite with NO food cravings
  • tummy feels good after eating ie there is no bloating, burping or tooting
  • has clear bright eyes and skin
  • breath is NOT offensive and neither is any other part of the body
  • recovers well from illness AND there is a big time lapse between events
  • good memory and thinking abilities
  • wounds heal well
  • strong and healthy gums, nails and hair
  • clear, smooth, pink tongue with no funky coating
  • can move body fluidly, bend and stretch
  • free from ongoing symptoms such as runny nose or congestion, coughing, throat clearing, tummy troubles or any other “complaint”
  • clear wee
  • able to maintain a healthy body weight
  • body temperature is consistent
  • is social with other kids
  • YOUR intuition tells you things are spot on, if not get it checked!

It’s our job as parents to teach our kids the skills they need for life to navigate a path that will help them be the very best they can in every way. Let’s help them get there without a health issue that can be readily prevented or remedied. We all have a lot to learn and unlearn about health, don’t delay, get cracking today. One of my favourite resources is the “Nourishing Traditions” book by Sally Fallon, available online, or join an upcoming workshop with Real Healthy Kids, click on the workshops link at the top.

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