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Ginger “Switchel” to REDUCE Inflammation & Heal Your Gut…

This fabulous fermented drink not only tastes incredible and the whole family will love it, but it packs a SERIOUS  punch with countless health benefits…

This drink that many call a “switchel”, that I’ve only ever called a fermented bevvy, has its roots in ancient tradition. Many believe its origins are the “Oxymel”, the Ancient Greek drink based on apple cider vinegar, which has been known to have powerful disease fighting benefits particularly in cases of acute inflammation such as hayfever! Check out my coveted Berry Oxymel recipe from years ago here

We really do have it within our power to resolve health issues, to heal the gut, to restore vibrant energy and to live a life free from disease!

Let me show you how to make a switchel to reduce inflammation and heal your gut…

The basic ingredients in a switchel are the same as an oxymel, apple cider vinegar and honey (often nowadays it’s maple syrup) with the addition of one of nature’s powerhouse foods now recognised as a cancer killer, immune supporter, inflammation fighter, circulation improver, digestion up-leveller, gut ecology (probiotic and anti-parasitic) modifier, skin soother, mineral restorer (particularly the electrolyte potassium), ph rectifier and brain booster. What’s not to love about ginger…

The best thing about this drink is that you can take the basic recipe and make it your own, I’m going to give you some really yummy suggestions but take it and run with it so that your whole family falls in love with it which means you’ll consume it often and that’s where the potential for healing will happen!

I even turn this drink into sensational summer icy-poles and even jellies to really amplify its gut healing potential…

My basic recipe goes like this:

  • 1 cup of sliced fresh ginger
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (any alive brand with the “mother” culture)
  • raw honey or maple syrup to taste, use organic stevia if avoiding sugar
  • Optional ingredients: 1 lime or lemon squeezed, a handful of herbs muddled (mint, thyme. basil, rosemary), a cinnamon stick added to simmer process, 1 cup of frozen raspberries or blueberries juiced, any other cold pressed juice, rose water to make a Turkish Delight drink which is REALLY delicious…

Bring the water and ginger to a boil then reduce temperature and simmer for 20 minutes, then allow it to cool completely. Strain once cool into a bowl and add the honey and optional ingredients before pouring into a jar and keeping in the fridge to use as desired.

It can be enjoyed just as is, it’s pretty strong but REALLY good…OR, you can dilute it a bit like a cordial with still or sparkling water.

You can see how flexible this recipe can be so get creative and get the kids involved. You have to promise to share any recipe that is the “bomb”, happy brewing!


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