Cinnamon & Honey to Treat Candida

It might seem strange with all the talk of needing to avoid sugar if you have candida, but the fact remains that honey is extremely supportive in this situation, supports immune health, and is a prebiotic food source which means it provides fuel for beneficial microbes to do their jobs better! Honey has a long and researched (PubMed has numerous scientific research papers available on the topic) history of use and is a proven anti-microbial. It has an incredible role to play in treating kids with candida issues.

I would like to clarify the sugar elimination issue a little further as this seems to create such confusion. We are all aware that the modern diet rich in processed foods is loaded with refined sugars and an abundance of foods that convert to sugar such as grains. These foods are not recommended for consumption in large amounts, in fact processed foods can go entirely and grains may be tolerated if soaked/activated prior to being eaten after a candida infection is resolved. Sugar from healthy wholefood sources such as starchy vegetables, fruit and of course honey are valuable adjuncts to a healthy diet and provide glucose which is needed to fuel our brain as well as the endocrine system, ensuring health stress levels. A stressed system is the result of prolonged avoidance of sugar in the diet.

Honey has a whole host of proven health benefits and is recommended to treat significant bacterial infections both internally and externally, fantastic for wound care! The only reliable and effective form of honey is raw, much of what is available at supermarkets is processed and has NO benefit at all and can be classed as one of the destructive man made foods. Local raw honey is best and this is an ideal food for healthy inner balance.

Cinnamon is another thoroughly researched answer to candida and the two flavours marry perfectly. Cinnamon can be used in powdered form or bark form which will require boiling to extract the goodness and volatile oils that promote its beneficial activity. I prefer to keep my cinnamon in whole stick form and use a coffee grinder to make powder or use the sticks whole in my medicinal preparations. They simply require simmering for 10 minutes in pure water then cooling before use. 

Cinnamon tea is as simple as preparing the cinnamon at a ratio of 1 stick per cup, simmer with lid on for 10-15 minutes, cooling then adding a good teaspoon of raw honey. Powdered honey can be used at a rate of 1/4-1/2 tsp per cup. This can be consumed as is or add these ingredients to:

  • herbal tea
  • smoothies
  • icy-poles & ice-cream
  • dips
  • salad dressings, fantastic over sweet potatoes
  • bliss balls 

Nature didn’t muck things up and if we look to wholefoods as healing foods, there is really nothing off the menu in most cases. Particularly when it comes to honey and cinnamon, these two foods are beneficial for kids in general and taste so good! To learn more about candida read part 1 of my series here.

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