How to Change Your Child’s Nutrition: You KNOW What to do BUT it’s HARD…

The catch cry I hear most often from mums who intrinsically KNOW they need to change nutrition for their kids, whether they are struggling with a health issue or not, is “It’s HARD”

If you are that mum, I want you to know you’re right! It IS hard. You are RIGHT on track, you are at the precipice of change and you CAN do this (read on to find out how). By letting HARD define you and your journey you aren’t living up to your potential, you WILL be feeling “crap” about it and your kids are learning what they live; is this the example you want to set for them and how you really want to live.

I’m not one for sugar coating our “lessons” in life, perhaps that’s why I get called the “Angel with a Sledge Hammer”…

No amount of fancy food disguising or magic potions are going to make the process of CHANGING nutrition (when you find it HARD) completely “discomfort” free.

There are deeper, more compelling and motivating ways to step into a more empowered approach to life and if you’re ready to have a transformational conversation and step UP, then read on. If you are looking for a quick fix easy “fluffy” way forward, then thanks for stopping by, this straight shooting chat may not be for you…

There’s a couple of aspects to this conversation that rarely get talked about that I want to discuss here.

Firstly, there can be some very REAL physiological reasons for the challenges faced by many mums when changing nutrition from a processed “conventional” diet to a nutrient dense approach that supports healing and optimal health. Of course our children’s taste buds have been shaped by the modern commercial diet but it’s more than that. 

Many mums report that they are met with violent or LOUD opposition when certain foods are replaced and that their children refuse to eat anything other than what they’ve been eating.

This is often a sign that the food they’ve been eating has had a profound impact on their body and altered the balance at a core level which requires a deeper investigation to discover what and how so that measures can be taken to resolve the imbalance. If left unresolved it can become the foundation for future disease! It goes WAY beyond a food preference, it’s become a pathology…

This imbalance, beyond our children’s conscious control, is what then drives the NEED for a particular food and this can be initiated from the brain, the gut, toxicity and impaired detoxification pathways (as well as stress). Resolution will set our children on the “healing” path and give them any hope of living up to their full potential. OR it becomes the beginning of disease which is setting them up for a future of “pain” with health; a chronic preventable lifestyle disease (one we could have prevented with the right information, tools and action).

To investigate the Root Cause Pillars I recommend working with a Functional Medicine trained Naturopath or Doctor. Keep an eye on my newsletters, I’m about to release the SELF PACED version of the Root Cause Resolution (click on the link to get the Pillars Checklist and be the first to hear about the next intake) program and future dates for the GUIDED programs. If you are keen to get started NOW then email

The second, and MOST untalked about aspect of this conversation is all about our “INNER” health as mums. I’m yet to meet a mum who ISN’T exhausted or stressed to some degree! This is MANY times worse if you have a child who is struggling with a health issue.

From this space of exhaustion and stress, we simply CANNOT make the best decisions. To lead a fulfilling, satisfying, rewarding life WHOLEHEARTEDLY we have to have a high level of personal awareness and this is nearly impossible to achieve with our lack of skills and training in this area.

So few of us realise that our experience of life is driven from within, from our mindset, beliefs, behaviours and the language that we use. AND, on top of that, we’re too exhausted to either know or care OR take action.

When we say something is HARD, well, that’s what we reinforce in our mind AND results, or lack of them. Does that even feel useful? What if instead, you thought something like;

“ok, well how I’ve been doing it so far hasn’t been working out too well so I’m ready to learn a different way and I’ve learnt heaps of NEW stuff before, I can do it again, and I know I want to feel super confident about health and I want to know that I’ve done everything I can for my child to thrive so bring it on, where to from here?”

The truth is, our lack of action and awareness is impacting our ability to lead an empowered life. To make the choices and take the action that can turn our children’s health around entirely. To make the decisions to STOP buying processed foods and to instead buy REAL and WHOLE foods and feel strong and confident to handle “objections” and learn what’s needed to become the driver of our family’s health and happiness…

If you are ready to STEP UP and into your pure unlimited potential, you CAN! It’s a choice built on personal awareness and we can ALL learn that. For our kids’ sake, the sooner the better. Join me for the upcoming IGNITE! Your Power, Passion, Purpose & Potential fully guided online journey from where you are to where you REALLY want to be in life in any area…

Simply start to believe you can and observe what you’ve been telling yourself. We can’t change our experience with the same thinking that created it!

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