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Ginger “Switchel” to REDUCE Inflammation & Heal Your Gut…

This fabulous fermented drink not only tastes incredible and the whole family will love it, but it packs a SERIOUS  punch with countless health benefits… This drink that many call a “switchel”, that I’ve only ever called a fermented bevvy, has its roots in ancient tradition. Many believe its origins are the “Oxymel”, the Ancient […]

What do Antibiotics REALLY do to our Kids? What are the options & what if we HAVE to use them…

There’s NO doubt that antibiotics save lives! Thank goodness we live in an age where we can intervene in life threatening situations and pick up the slack where the body otherwise wouldn’t! Antibiotics really have been a HERO but I want to talk about the other side… There’s another side to every discussion isn’t there, […]

The 5 Pillars of Health: the Foundation of “Stunning” Lifelong Health

We live in a society that is “distracting” is so many ways… When it comes to our health, being distracted is taking its toll and the price is getting steeper by the minute, with our kids now destined for disease if we keep doing what we’re doing; staying distracted. The biggest health “distraction” we’ve bought […]