What do Antibiotics REALLY do to our Kids? What are the options & what if we HAVE to use them…

There’s NO doubt that antibiotics save lives! Thank goodness we live in an age where we can intervene in life threatening situations and pick up the slack where the body otherwise wouldn’t!

Antibiotics really have been a HERO but I want to talk about the other side…

There’s another side to every discussion isn’t there, we often don’t want to go there but in this case, our lack of understanding could cost our kids dearly!

You see, antibiotics have been overused and misused and we’ve lost some key “home healthcare” practices and insights that has created a “time bomb” for our kids.

In Australia, the rate of antibiotic prescription sits at around 50% which has doctors and researchers VERY concerned…

Senior medical adviser Professor John Turnidge warned Australia would be prone to more deadly superbugs if the antibiotics tap that fed antimicrobial resistance was left running.

“We should all be very concerned. We are already seeing superbugs in the community … and outbreaks in hospital wards, where the amount of time and energy just to save those people’s lives is huge,” Professor Turnidge said.

“…if we don’t address antibiotic use we will end up back there and people will be dying who otherwise could be saved,” he said.

“And it will be the young people dying of untreatable infections because there won’t be any treatments,” he said.

As mums we feel backed into a corner, often feeling like we’ve tried ALL we can before turning to the doctor where their options are simply limited.

The truth is, there are very FEW occasions where antibiotics may even be needed, the VAST majority of infections are viral making antibiotic use absolutely pointless AND damaging.

We easily forget that anything we put in our mouth, particularly chemical/medical WILL have a consequence. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good, or does it? Particularly when nearly ALL health issues can be addressed with safe, effective and proven options!

Our kids are predicted/guaranteed to develop a preventable lifestyle disease and it’s these seemingly small decisions, to use an antibiotic or not, that are part of this disease evolution picture…

The impact of antibiotic use MUST be understood so that we can make more informed decisions because OUR kids will pay the price if we don’t!

Antibiotics, even a single prescription every now and then, have the following impact that leads to further complications:

  1. altering the gut microbiome; not only destroying harmful bacteria that MAY be causing an infection BUT also the beneficial microbes that we can’t live without that perform a whole host of life giving functions, without them we’re in trouble…
  2. impacting the immune system; the very system we NEED functioning well to beat the bugs (when you know how to build optimal immune health your job is done, sit back and watch your kids thrive and shine!)
  3. interferes with digestion; we are what we digest from the food we eat, yikes!
  4. behaviour can be immediately impacted with noticeable issues
  5. linked to food intolerances
  6. mitochondria (the energy centre of every cell in the body) can be damaged causing inappropriate cell death
  7. linked to auto-immune diseases and other dysfunctions
  8. linked to depression and anxiety
  9. drives stress; physical and emotional
  10. linked to obesity
  11. disrupts glucose metabolism

Writing in the journal Gut, Andrey Morgun, an assistant professor at the College of Pharmacy in Oregon State University, Corville, and colleagues hope the study will increase understanding of the widespread damage antibiotics cause to the gut and will offer new ways to investigate and offset the consequences.

Prof. Morgun says:

“Just in the past decade a whole new universe has opened up about the far-reaching effects of antibiotic use, and now we’re exploring it. The study of microbiota is just exploding. Nothing we find would surprise me at this point.”

Are you willing to put your child’s health at risk?

We can become empowered to tackle common infections and child health issues with a range of easy to learn and proven practices, this is what I’ve taught hundreds of families through the Home Health Care Without Harm Programand I encourage ALL families to take a proactive approach so that our children’s bodies are optimised and able to fight infections of all kinds, even if they get sick, they CAN recover quickly WITHOUT intervention that HARMS…

We can ensure their nutrition is VERY supportive of immune health by following these guidelines to prevent FULL BLOWN infections:

  • avoid processed and refined foods which directly challenge the immune system
  • avoid sugar which destabilises immune function for some hours post consumption leaving our children susceptible to infection
  • avoid dairy when sick, particularly with upper respiratory infections due to mucous production and immune reaction
  • avoid gluten when sick (and consume only in sourdough IF tolerated which according to research may be a small fraction of the population) a protein that is proven to challenge the immune system
  • keep the carbs low as these convert to sugar and fuel pathogenic processes in the body
  • consume plenty of organic seasonal vegetables which are loaded with nutrients to support health
  • consume light meals when sick so that the immune system can focus on the job at hand
  • get PLENTY of healing bone broth into meals, even sipping warm cups of broth when the appetite is low is ideal!
  • enjoy fermented foods and drinks daily which (when prepared properly) are fabulous support for vital health!

So what happens if you MUST use antibiotics?

Now we know that this is extremely rare and you’ve exhausted ALL your options, it’s time to support your child’s body to diminish the HARM.

This can be done by closely following the above recommendations; antibiotic use makes this even MORE vital as pathogenic microbes that aren’t killed are just waiting for their chance to thrive which they can’t do if there’s NO fuel for them by way of sugar and processed foods.

Reinoculating the gut with beneficial microbes is ideal and the best probiotic to use when using antibiotics is Prescript Assist, be sure to take it at least an hour AWAY from the antibiotic.

Next week I’ll discuss exactly what’s needed to heal the gut from a clinical perspective…

The best position to ALWAYS be in is “prepared”. Knowledge is power and given the consequences are so considerable, learn ALL you can to empower yourself with the skills every mum I’ve ever worked with WISHES she knew right up front!

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    I understand the fundamentals of good health for children but how do you implement these changes when your unwell but very fussy toddler has already been exposed to and become accustomed to sugar, processed foods and dairy and now will not eat a lot of the healing foods. She craves the bad stuff n often won’t eat any of the foods that will make her better long term! So Frustrating!!


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