Alright you stressed out mums, 3 key strategies to heal your adrenals and thyroid.

My focus of course is to support families to restore and create optimal child health and healing, but who do you think drives that healing bus? Mums! And I am yet to meet a mum of a sick child whether they have food intolerances or cancer to deal with that doesn’t have some level of stress, usually through the roof, that gets shelved whilst trying to deal with everyone else’s stuff. Sound familiar?

Let’s not forget the impact that stress can have on our systems, IT IS THE TRUMP CARD! Stress impacts every system in the body and cannot be overridden by an amazing diet. Stress is like super sized fast food and sugar in how it impacts the body! Stress can drive thyroid disease, auto-immune disorders and adrenal dysfunction, I call this the mummy trifecta.

In fact, it is extremely common to see a mum surviving on thyroid medication or medication for depression just to get by and still many more whose symptoms don’t register on standard pathology tests (so gets told you are fine!) and yet are warning bells for future disease. Let’s be clear, there are warning signs that are glaring and blaring to be heard that tell us things are a little off and without some changes will progress into a disease, they don’t just go away. What tends to happen though is that we learn to live with a range of symptoms that are just there under the surface. They don’t totally floor you but just niggle away like a bit of bloating, constipation, fatigue, poor sleep, worry a lot, weight gain, PMS or any other menstrual disorder, lack of energy…….

So being the super hero that mums tend to be you just push on, push through, get where you need to be and fall in a heap at the end of it! Have you considered there might be a better way? Well there is and avoiding disease for ourselves has to be paramount and there are 3 key areas you can work on to prevent and treat a known or suspected thyroid, auto-immune, mental or adrenal issue. (If possible work with an experienced practitioner and take quality supportive remedies that you haven’t grabbed off the shelf of the local health food store as a quick fix! Keep an eye out for my upcoming webinars that address this very issue)

Heal the gut

The health of our gut is central to the whole show really. When the gut is out of balance the perfect foundation for dis-ease is created so in healing the gut we need to clean out the toxins and reinoculate the environment with plenty of beneficial microbes as well as ensure that our digestion and elimination organs are functioning as they should be. Of course I have just made a fairly complicated process sound overly simple and there is no way this process can be or should be approached in a rushed fashion. It is also a ridiculous concept to think that we can take 2 weeks a year to clean the system such as most “detox” products might suggest. To truly heal the gut and keep it healthy takes a life long commitment. Working with an experienced practitioner would be ideal and if you feel brave enough to tackle this life change on your own take one step at a time. Start with a quality support product such as those offered by “Blessed Herbs” and begin to clean up the diet.

Clean up the diet

What we eat is either harming or healing us. Where there is adrenal or thyroid dysfunction you can bet there is some harming happening. The most damaging of all is sugar, which seems to be something most mums in this category are so fond of because of its ability to give you some “pep”, as temporary as that might be. But what in actual fact sugar does is destabilise metabolism and initiate a cascade of chemical reactions that drives inflammation and further imabalance, particularly with blood sugar levels. Sugar needs to be eradicated completely and this may be for a while before bringing back even fruit! As hard as this is to hear, I am sure you want to feel fabulous more so you will find a way. Start with finding out how to use cinnamon, vanilla and coconut which all create an illusion of sweetness. Of course sugar is found in many other foods we often don’t think of immediately. This includes grains so a period of time without grains and if you bring them back consider only using them if you have soaked and fermented them first and keep out gluten if you have a known health issue!

Practice relaxation DAILY

So many mums really want to do this but just can’t find the time! Ironic isn’t it, likely the very thing that will make immediate improvements is the very thing that gets shelved. Daily practice that supports emotional, nervous system and adrenal health is not negotiable. In fact, you will find that life gets easier just by doing this and perhaps even  if this is the ONLY step you take. I can’t live without my daily practice and you don’t have to prescribe to silent meditation as the only “real” way. Choose a practice that floats YOUR boat such as tapping, creative visualisation, affirmations, midfulness practices and more or a combination of your own creation. It can be as simple as taking 10 deep breaths and that’s a pretty good place to start.

Mums please remember to prioritise your own well-being. This is another way we can lead by example for our children and life quality will just continue to soar!

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