My philosophy is built on the principle of “personal empowerment”. When mums have the education, a focus on the CORE “Pillars” and unwavering self-belief we are powerful enough to overcome even chronic health issues and every mum CAN tap into their “courage” to chart a course beyond the predictions of disease for our kids!

I strongly believe that only WE, as individuals, have the key to unlocking our innate “wellness” potential to heal from disease and to create extraordinary health & happiness to last a lifetime. Until we do this we are stuck in our automatic program simply reacting to life with patterns of thinking and behaviour which is self-limiting and self-sabotaging, leaving us feeling “stuck” in our challenges and unable to tap into our “healing” capacity.

Having seen thousands of clients I am convinced we are distracted from the truth of what it means to be truly healthy and where health even begins. We are “stuck” on the treadmill of symptom management with the “elephant in the room”, the scientifically recognised #1 driver of disease being routinely neglected; STRESS!

Our capacity to be our vibrant best or even to heal when we are sick begins, and often ends, in our nervous system. If we give this vital piece of the puzzle the attention it deserves we can expedite healing, restore balance and resilience and step into our innate, limitless best in EVERY possible way!

I am committed to providing the support and proven systems that will take your family’s “wellness” to the next level! If you are REALLY ready to step into your unlimited potential, to take the action that guarantees success then let’s do this together, you are my kind of sister! See my core programs below or click on “Work With Me” above…




The IGNITE Quest

IGNITE is Sally’s global, online Transformation program for conscious, empowered mums who understand that for our children to be their best, we must first do the work to be ALL that we can be. This 12 week program guides you through the well-kept secrets in Neuroscience & Human Potential that are innate to all of us! These secrets keep us from living up to our health and wellness potential and keep us stuck in our daily “discomforts”, leaving us feeling powerless & at the mercy of life… When we learn & apply the IGNITE tools, life simply unfolds with potential, peace and a clear direction that brings real meaning & fulfillment beyond our current limited thinking…Us mums are in a powerful position to leave a lasting legacy of SUPREME Wellness, to re-write the generational story & to set our children up to live their highest potential… Join the next guided journey or start now with the self study course…

Root Cause Resolution Journey

Sally has worked with thousands of families over 25 years & created this proven approach to ensure a systematic journey that ensure true healing & the creation of profound resilience…This coveted 10 week journey focuses on treating the “Root Cause Pillars”, the very foundation of health OR disease. Sally strongly believes that disease does not “happen” overnight & with a paradigm shift away from pure symptom management & a focus directly on the causes with the “right” healing approach, we can unlock our innate healing potential as well as create lasting health for the future.This journey is for anyone struggling with a health issue ready to get REAL results & get off the treadmill of supplements & symptom management including: eczema, psoriasis, asthma, anxiety, depression, thyroid issues, auto-immune disease, sleep or energy issues, CFS, adrenal problems, gut issues, chronic infections, food intolerances, allergies, epilepsy, behavioural disorders OR proactive enough to ensure balance in the “Pillars” of health for the future…This powerful program is guaranteed to get results & is always a revelation for participants all over the world as they are introduced the REAL reasons for our dis-ease & exactly how to resolve them…

Wholistic Coaching Couch Sisterhood

This powerful membership program speaks to the ongoing community & support conscious, empowered mums need to maintain momentum & stay personally accountable to our vision for our families. The great tragedy that Sally has observed in clinic over 25 years is the profound LACK of support offered to mums on the “wellness improvement” journey! In fact “modern” society opposes “out of the box thinking” & proactive behaviour that challenges typical health practices in favour or taking personal responsibility, leaving mums feeling alone & often falling off the wagon despite improved results. This “Sisterhood” FILLS that enormous gap, offering ongoing connection, weekly LIVE sessions with Sally alternating between Human Potential & Neuroscience teachings & the “Online Naturopathic Clinic” with unique personal guidance for DEEP resolution rather than a symptom management bandaid. This affordable program ensures ongoing personal awareness & growth are achieved with a powerful sense of connection…Be inspired, encouraged & motivated with a like minded tribe of mums REALLY LIVING the life they love!

Happy Healthy Mums & Bubs

Join Dr Sarah Moore MD, ObGyn & Sally Gray ND from Real Healthy Kids for this dynamic event & change the course of your child’s life. Misinformation about health is rife right from pregnancy leaving mums feeling stressed and confused. This workshop clearly navigates the path to a stress free, vibrantly healthy pregnancy with lifelong resilience & vitality, setting your little one on the right track from the very beginning. EVERY mum deserves to know HOW to profoundly impact our babies “wellness” & chart a clear path AROUND common & chronic child health issues which have significant long term implications! Our choices & interventions really DO MATTER & can either set our children up with vibrant & robust “wellness” or begin the journey of dis-ease…It’s a choice & with the right approach we can help our children live to their highest innate potential rather than the prevailing path of predicted physical & emotional pain in store for the majority…

Healthy Essentials

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I feel my energy has shifted, I’m more joyful and peaceful.

I feel like the ignite program has awoken the old me that disappeared while I was a mother of young children.
I thought I had no ‘issues’ that I needed to work on and I thought I was happy with my life as it was… I am now aware of unhelpful patterns and negative core beliefs that impact my life, I know how to recognise them and challenge them to create a better version of myself. This is so exciting to me as it gives me a sense of freedom and empowerment. I’m fascinated by what I learnt about myself and excited to learn more – I regularly find myself absorbed in my thoughts, being curious about my reactions and feelings and where they have come from…
I feel a sense of freedom and peace from past worries as I now know why these occurred and that they are unnecessary,
Shantell, Dunsborough
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Hi Sally, I just finished your program (Home Health Care Without Harm) and despite not getting to sample your yummy food along the way, the online program is fantastic. I am so impressed with all the lessons as well as the meal planner and recipes which is a very generous addition. I also like the links to purchasing products to have on hand this is gold for me. Overall to know that I can come back to this information in such an easy format is very comforting. I am now going to get bulk in supplies and to print out all those recipe books. I would recommend this course to anyone needing help in this area. I hope to join you soon at another workshop. Thanks Sally…Warmest regards Tarnya, Perth

Tarnya, Perth
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Thank you Sally for the Kids Snacks and Lunches book online. It is always so lovely and inspiring to read your work. I love to use your “Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness” book a few times a week. I spoke to you on Skype last November regarding my daughter who is now the most healthy and beautiful 16 month old. As she is my third child I can honestly say that she is the healthiest and strongest as a result of being on a grain free diet, despite her cesarean birth. The boys also had a good diet as babies but allowing even a small amount of wheat based products or unprepared grain meals obviously had an effect. My daughter has bone broth daily as well as may other wonderful foods such as ferments that I used to prepare less often for the boys. 

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Our family would like to thank-you for all of your advice, knowledge and time given to us over the past year. You have shared ongoing advice, support and natural methods to bring our children to optimum health. This is something we had doubted would have ever been possible with the health challenges and hurdles we had to face recently. You are amazing and a walking wealth of knowledge. I just attended your ‘Nourishing Foundations’ workshop. Thank-you for such an inspiring and thought provoking session today. I feel so blessed to have someone like you to help educate us as mums to give our children the best chance to thrive. You provided us with a massive toolbox of natural remedies to strengthen a child’s immune system, to prevent illness and to treat illnesses when they do arise. Your knowledge and research uses decades of traditional recipes and methods that are so simple to implement. I dream one day that I may too be able educate other mums to some capacity like you
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Hi Sal, Just a quick email to say thanks very much for today’s workshop.  I loved it, as well as all the tastings on offer.  I now feel more confident to use a greater range of herbs from my garden to create healing delights for myself and the boys.  I particularly loved the Mum’s Vitality Tonic.  It was so comforting and a delightful sensory experience.  I am also looking forward to making the Elderberry Syrup using my own homegrown Elder flowers and the Honey Onion Cough Elixir.  So good! Thanks again for giving the gift of ’empowerment’ with all that you do.
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