Top 10 Summer Remedy Essentials

Just because it’s nice and warm we are often lulled into a false sense of security thinking the kids are “bug” proof! The reality is, summer bugs are rampant and there is plenty you can do to keep the kids healthy and happy over the holidays and come back to school rested and resilient.

I want to share with you my “Top 10 Summer Essentials”, a collection of natural remedies that are effective, safe and proven and when you have these on hand you will have nearly every “acute crisis” covered!

The key to remember is that the primary way our immune systems are weakened is through POOR nutrition. This is SO easy to let slip during the festive season and during holidays when we are a little more  relaxed or simply leaving it up to the kids! So it’s up to us as parents to set the boundaries, reign it in and help our kids enjoy a healthy balanced approach to food. NOT doing so simply sets them up for illness early in the year and leaves them susceptible to the summer bugs  that are floating around…

The foods to focus on for healthy immune function are abundant, quality, organic where possible vegetables, healthy fats, protein, a little fruit, fermented foods and drinks, WATER, nuts and seeds, sourdough if you want bread, gluten free grains and legumes that have been properly prepared.

Avoid sugar, processed, packaged and refined foods if you want the very best of health!

Being prepared with remedies means you have options when there’s an acute health event. It’s when we feel as though our options have run out that we feel trapped, forced into seeking medical care which has consequences. This is nearly ALWAYS avoidable if you have the tools, strategies and remedies on hand. You really can set yourself up for success and way less stress in dealing with sick kids!

Here are my Top 10 Summer Remedy Essentials, the links will take you to Iherb which makes them super easy and cost effective to source and will be useful in most cases throughout the year to keep your kids’ immune systems boosted.

  1. Organic Aloe Vera Spray: great for a little too much sun and a whole range of other skin irritations
  2. Antioxidant Organic Berry Powder: supports immune and skin health and tastes AMAZING! Use in smoothies or puddings, it’s perfect in my Chocolate Cashew Cream…
  3. Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy: a whole body tonic with potent support for every system, such a great food for daily health.
  4. Mullein & Garlic Ear Oil: use this regularly throughout the summer when the kids are doing plenty of swimming. DON’T wait until there’s an infection, use this as a preventative remedy. It can also be used to treat ear infections but being proactive is simply smarter, aim for at least weekly or a few times a week as needed.
  5. Organic Immune Boosting Herbs: use to boost the kids if they’ve been in contact with a bug, weekly to keep them boosted or as a treatment if they get sick.
  6. Organic RAPID Immune Boosting Herbs: for quick results when infection hits.
  7. Organic Tummy Soother: to help with upset and sore tummies.
  8. Organic Throat Spray: for the first hint of sore throats, works a treat!
  9. Organic Coconut Water Powder: great for rehydration after “tummy” upsets or sun exposure.
  10. A GOOD sunscreen that is not loaded with chemicals such as: Soleo, Wot Not, Badger, Goddess Garden, Eco,  Grahams, Little Innocents, Natural Instinct, Moo Goo…(these can all be found easily online).

Please seek professional medical advice for your individual needs, these recommendations do not take the place of personal guidance. If any symptoms are persistent then seek the appropriate advice.

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