The Single Biggest Reason for Fertility Trouble AND How to Fix It!

This issue is near and dear to my heart. As a Preconception and Pregnancy care specialist having devoted over 20 years of my career to restoring balance for countless women and training with some of the world’s leading experts, as well as having traveled this road myself, I am acutely aware of the “root cause” issues of fertility problems.

My own journey from first conscious attempt to conceive, to holding my miracle baby was over 5 years. While this provided me with an extensive range of tools, combined with my training and clinical experience to serve women even better, it led me to fully appreciate the role the unseen force of “stress” can play, and how it can be uncovered and addressed for optimal fertility AND deeper meaning, understanding and joy in everyday life! Who doesn’t want some of that.

There are only a handful of foundation areas that underpin EVERY aspect of health that when out of balance drive dis-ease in any conceivable way, from PMS to cancer. While I teach women how to uncover and address all of these for optimal Mum & Bub health outcomes in my “Healthy Mums & Bubs: Preconceived Babies” program, the single biggest reason for infertility is what I  want to delve deeply into today.


Stress is one of THOSE foundation issues and it has the capacity to disrupt balance in profound ways, physical and emotional, and is powerful enough to impact cellular function and drive pathology such as hormonal imbalance, ovarian function, and more. One common way this can be seen in women struggling to conceive is with an elevated FSH reading which doctors mistakenly attribute to low ovarian reserve. While this CAN be the case, the appropriate stress reduction intervention often leads to conception.

Stress has a very measurable impact on specific hormones in the body that can interrupt the lining of the uterus as well as being responsible for elevating cortisol levels which are pro-inflammatory and have significant downstream consequences that make falling pregnant impossible.

Of course stress is felt differently by everyone and the results of stress will also differ from woman to woman. Stress has become such a pervasive and persistent element of our world we are often blind to the fact that we even feel it. In fact, we can even be practicing a number of the strategies that are believed to be the “answer” to stress without really hitting the mark!

Research shows that feeling happy and relaxed are actually predictors for falling pregnant. So how do you create that “happy” place when you find yourself in this situation. The last thing I felt when I was faced with the struggle of falling pregnant is happy and relaxed.

In fact I felt elevated anxiety, confusion, anger (especially toward pregnant women), impatience, frustration, loss of faith, disconnected…

My stress levels increased and I have seen this to be the case for many other women as well. We try to “fix” everything mechanical and often dismiss stress as a small player in the mix. None of that matters if stress is a core issue for you, it can be like a slow burning fire. In fact, Epigenetic science has shown that stress (a precursor to toxicity) is the number 1 predictor of disease, working it’s damage over the long term, automatically elevating its status to top of the list!

The ideal time to be addressing issues of stress is in the preconception phase so that pregnancy is not impacted by this insidious issue AND baby is not harmed as a result. Science has shown that babies are profoundly altered by stressed mums, including in pregnancy, and in their environment as they grow.

While there are many strategies to alleviate stress including the right nutrition, herbs and wholefood organic supplements, there is nothing more comprehensive and lasting than looking internally and shifting long held beliefs that cause nervous system unrest, that are misaligned with your values, that drive disconnect, that prevent you from living a life of true relaxation, peace and happiness.

The strategy I have seen work beautifully in conjunction with the life skills I teach is EFT Tapping. If you are struggling with fertility, make this a priority and join me for the upcoming online “Preconceived Babies” program OR “Ignite” and learn the skills that will empower you to your best experience of motherhood AND become the role model your children need. All will be revealed on my new website but If you want to get a head start email me on and I will let you know about a secret group session you can join that I am holding for these programs in the next couple of weeks.

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