The Breakfast Cookie; a wonderfully healthy breakfast for kids!

The biggest nutrition mistake most people are making with their kids is at breakfast. We have been well suckered in by marketing and opt for inferior boxed breakfast cereal believing we are doing the right thing by our kids. I can assure you there are better ways to start the day.

Breakfast really does set the tone for the day in myriad ways. If we want the best for our kids we really need to look at ensuring that what they eat for breakfast is feeding not only every cell in their body BUT creating BALANCE that will see them perform physically well, have mood stability AND brain power.

The common boxed brekkies do NOT achieve this and in fact are likely driving health issues. I see the removal of breakfast in box foods resolve chronic health issues ALL THE TIME in clinic!

A wide range of nutrients is obviously best for our kids but the key foods to focus on are quality fats and proteins! The “Breakfast Cookie” recipe below is always a hit with kids (and dads). These store really well in an airtight container but can also be frozen so why not make it a convenient option by making a couple of batches at once and freezing them. They can be made school friendly by swapping the nuts for seeds.

The Breakfast Cookie

This breakfast is so quick to get ready in the morning seeing as the batter is there and ready, so if you have an early start but need maximum nutrient loading, this is your answer. I call these the answer to convenience food and even send my husband off to work with a couple to eat on the way if the morning has completely gotten away from us. This makes enough for another brekkie or just hand them out as snacks. Choose organic where possible.

3 cups rolled oats (gluten free are a great option)

2 very ripe bananas

¼ cup butter or coconut oil or olive oil or almond oil

2 tbsp yoghurt, more may be needed in the morning to moisten batter

½ tsp real salt

½ cup dried fruit , dates always produce the sweetest flavour

½ cup roasted nuts of your choice

Optional ingredients: cacao or carob, 1 tbsp maple syrup or rapadura

Mash bananas, add dates and olive oil and stir to combine. Add remaining ingredients, cover and rest overnight. In the morning preheat oven to 180C/350F and place spoonfuls on a tray lined with baking paper, bake for 12-15 minutes. Fabulous additions to the lunch box also.

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