“eczema, asthma, ASD, ADHD, crohn’s disease, epilepsy, arthritis, MS, cancer, ongoing infections (ear, chest, throat, sinus), gut dysfunction, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, PMS, diabetes…”

With health issues exponentially increasing in ALL age groups, particularly the young, we’ve got some work to do. As it turns out, our modern medical system is simply not equipped to deal with the growing need for care of ALL kinds and only offers symptom management at best when it can!

We need to have a paradigm shift about our health and understand that the myriad different dis-eases afflicting humans of all ages are being driven by only a handful of root cause issues and it is these underlying root causes that need our attention not the symptom that may be presenting.

For example, we often treat eczema with steroids and other pharmaceuticals to get rid of it. However, eczema is merely a symptom of a deeper issue that goes unresolved if we take this approach. Even though the eczema may seemingly go (in most cases it doesn’t or it reappears in the future), the “root” cause will continue to progress in another direction which will lead to further issues down the track, usually WAY more chronic. We can avoid this when we look at the foundation pillars of health.

When we look to these “Root Cause” pillars of health the buck stops there so to speak! If we keep asking the question “Why”, we can move toward resolving issues and get our lives back on track SO much quicker!!!

The issue becomes even more complicated if we stay at this surface level of symptom management, not only do we NOT resolve the situation, we often deplete the body’s capacity to be healthy even further with the use of pharmaceuticals.

We are living in strange times when we are led to believe that a synthetic drug is a “cure all” for our ails and has NO consequences. The fact is, there is ALWAYS a price to pay and the impact of taking a pharmaceutical medication such as panadol, ibuprofen, advil, antibiotics, steroid creams (ALL of them) is that the gut microbiome AND the immune system are impacted. This is far from ideal and sets us and our children up for future health issues!

There are far better and safer ways to treat our kids when it comes down to it for either an acute infection or fever (which is a symptom NOT a disease) or to resolve chronic health issues. The “Home Health Care Without HARM” program hands you the blueprint for health management strategies that are safe, effective and EASY to roll out under any health event to completely avoid the impact of pharmaceuticals AND in fact do the opposite, strengthen our children…This is a self-paced program you can access TODAY and start exponentially improving YOUR child’s  resilience, click on the “Participate” tab at the top of the page to access this training.

The “Root Cause Resolution” program uncovers imbalances in those fundamental pillars of health, shining a laser focus where it matters and refining the healing approach to create robust, resilient and enduring health once and for all. The areas we need to focus on are:

  1. Gut microbiome
  2. Toxicity
  3. Epigenetics
  4. YOUR “Story”
  5. Nutritional Deficiencies (NOT to be treated with individual nutrient supplementation, this approach opposes the laws of natural physiology)
  6. Stress (the TRUMP card)

Join an upcoming “Root Cause Resolution” guided program and resolve health issues once and for all! Set your family’s health on the “right” healing path and learn the skills that will save your family’s life. Your SUCCESS is guaranteed when you follow this proven approach.

Become a “healed” family! Here’s what participants of  the “Root Cause Resolution” program have said:

I am SO happy and excited to share with you that my daughter’s eczema is almost completely gone! I wish I had a before and after photo to send you but basically her arms used to be completely covered, it was like she had red ink sleeve tattoos. 

The progress we have made as a family is just wonderful! 

I am so glad I finally reached out and asked for help last year by signing up to the Root Cause Resolution. I could not imagine where we would be if I had not.  

Stephanie, Perth

My son got a cold while we were away down south. We hadn’t done the “natural” remedies you recommended yet but I got some homeopathics and herbals and although we needed ventolin on 3 occasions, there were no steroids needed and no antibiotics! No trip to the dr. Which was the best he’d been this winter and I know it’s the program! My stress levels have been lower since introducing more foods. Less GAPS more nourishing traditions. While I wasn’t entirely unstressed by his cold (which ALWAYS turns asthmatic) I was so much better. I have loved how open you are to other modalities like homeopathy etc and I haven’t felt torn or indoctrinated into ONE thing. I love how you have space for many things and your advice of immersion and staying curious. I’ve loved doing this course, you’re the first person to incorporate mind and body the way you do that I have come across. It sits so well with me. So thanks so much Sal, you are a star! 

Lee-Ann, Perth

Sally it’s a miracle! It’s only the fourth week and my children have NOT  had one moment of wheezing EVEN with all the burn-off smoke around! You just can’t know what that feels like! From the  day I  started implementing your recommendations they improved and I feel like a new person. Your focus on “stress” for mums was a total revelation and I can really see that it was doing me in. Every mum on the planet, regardless of sickness or not needs to do this program. I feel like my whole life  has changed. We THANK you from the bottom of our hearts…

Belinda, Margaret River