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The Depleted Mum’s Revival Blueprint: Energy Ephiphany


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From Exhausted to ENERGETIC & EMPOWERED for a Truly “Satisfying” & “Fun” Life!


Action Packed 10 Week ONLINE Program (UNBELIEVABLE Bonuses)

As a woman I am certain you can relate to me when I say the word “exhaustion”! Bring back memories of dark times, desperation, fatigue? You know that feeling when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel just to make it through the day and the utter relief when you do! THEN the realisation that you have to do it ALL again tomorrow…..

There seems to be an unwritten law that states:

“as a mother, you MUST should carry the burden of every member of the household and on top of that juggling act, be the best mother, woman, sister, wife, friend, daughter, career person you can be, excellent, agreed, of you go now, just do it!”.

Are you just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? If life isn’t delivering on its promise of “exactly” what you want, then chances are you are depleted, drained and energetically low…..

You are likely:

  • struggling with a “foggy” brain that fails with even simple words sometimes
  • waking up in a daze wishing the morning was another 8 hours away
  • irritated at the slightest indiscretion by your kids OR husband
  • no where near as fun or funny as you used to be
  • searching for that “happy” place that seems to really understand the rules of “hide and seek” and is now decaying in the world’s safest place
  • no where near living the life you WANT!
  • sore! There’s aches that come and go, the kind you expected 50 years from now but NOT now….
  • simply reacting  to life rather than living life by DESIGN where you are the creator and you make the rules!
  • constantly beating yourself up because you AREN’T even sure who you are anymore and you know deep down that THIS is not her…

The cruel trick is that we are meant to feel VITALLY healthy and ABUNDANTLY happy and if we aren’t then we can take steps to turn it around! I’ve helped hundreds of woman do this and have also done this for myself!

I am yet to meet a mum who comes to me as bright as a button, having prioritised their own health and attacking life with a FULL cup and is 100% ready to take on the “change” needed to heal their child! In fact, I now realise that addressing the mum’s health, both inner and outer, is the absolute key to exponentially improved health, healing and happiness within a family.

What you might not like to hear is that our health and happiness as mums, as the captain of the ship, is impacting everyone. YEP! As much as you might think you are hiding your “less” than self, it is plain as day to those around you and you are delivering exactly what you DON’T want in your role as mother and wife in that primary environment!

More importantly, you are NOT feeling how you know you should be. How long has it been this way? When you sit there and think about it, you might fall off the chair at how long you have let this go on!

Isn’t it time you felt fabulous in your own skin?

Isn’t it time you woke up feeling  refreshed and ready to jump out of bed before the kids and use that “golden” morning time just for you?

Don’t you just want to feel that childlike enthusiasm and feel in control of your days?

Well you can…

I’ve been studying human mind and body health for over 25 years and refining my clinical skills to create the BEST results in the SHORTEST time with proven systems!

Let me introduce you to “The Depleted Mum’s Revival Blueprint” where YOUR best self is waiting just 6 short weeks away.

I will hold your hand and take you through a series of steps designed to:

  1. uncover any underlying reason for your “depletion” and give you a clean bill of health
  2. treat any underlying issue that is keeping you from being your best
  3. support, nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit all the way to BETTER than ever!
  4. help you uncover your unique food prescription to deliver everyday ENERGY
  5. reveal the combination to the lock for lifelong “joie de vivre” (unparalleled WELLNESS)

We will spend 6 weeks together, leaving no stone unturned, setting you up for exactly the life you want to live. I draw on over 2 decades of training and experience to help you step into a “powerful” new YOU! If you are ready to take action then YOUR success is guaranteed.

I will meet with you every week for:

  1. live online sessions to deliver the critical information
  2. step you through the “Pillars of Health” to ensure your body is functioning optimally
  3. access to downloads to use as guidance for now and the future (think disease prevention, the MOST powerful position to be in)
  4. the accumulated wisdom that only a group of women can bring (in my experience this is pure gold and the value is priceless)
  5. (BONUS)come into my kitchen for a morning of food preparation, if you live nearby then be there in the flesh!
  6. endless guidance and inspiration to help you unleash the GODDESS within so she can shine her love, light, enthusiasm and energy on herself and her family…..
  7. (BONUS) visualisations and guided meditations to fuel your “inner” energy and enthusiasm

Here’s some highlights from the program:

  • Energy & Enthusiasm Epiphany!

  • Avoid the foods that steal your zeal!

  • The foods that revive a depleted mind and body…

  • The “Energised Life” blueprint: read and go…

  • Daily “Power” habits for ongoing charge.

  • Clean bill of health: uncovering root cause health blockers.

  • A lively and loved up libido!

  • Become your own best friend and rid yourself of the “inner” enemy.

Don’t wait another day being “less” than who you really are! Join me to unleash lifelong vibrancy and joy.