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Root Cause Resolution ONLINE Fully Guided Journey: The “Energy Epiphany” – Solving Thyroid, Adrenal, Fatigue & Energy Issues!



Uncovering & Resolving Health Issues at Their CORE for GOOD: Beyond Symptom Management!

ONLINE Guided 10 Week Journey to Healing & Optimal Health



BONUS! A private 3 hour “In the Kitchen” healing food & cooking tutorial with Sally either LIVE in person (if you are in Dunsborough) or LIVE ONLINE!

BONUS! 12 Day “Nourishing Wellness RESET” Guided Detoxification Program with my NEW scrummy recipes…

BONUS! Q&A Session AFTER the program to answers any lingering questions…YOUR success is MY priority!

I will personally hold your  hand  and walk  you through the  vital steps to uncover and resolve the root cause of dis-ease where it REALLY starts in order to drive healing AND the very best of enduring health and VITALITY!


Are you feeling frustrated with your  health? Does it feel like you are doing ALL you can and yet the symptoms STILL persist?

Or perhaps you are wanting some REAL answers? You need to know that dis-ease is NO accident…

We CAN uncover the ROOT CAUSES and focus our energy and attention where it’s NEEDED and profoundly impact our health potential…..

So often I see women struggling with health issues, diagnosed or not, that impact thyroid function (our ENERGY), adrenal health, nervous system health, brain function, bowels and basic joie de vivre!

YOU are in the right place if you are ready to explore the REAL reason for your lack of health and WANT to turn it around!

If you’d like the hand held guidance of an expert with over 25 years experience, bringing you the BEST of  cutting edge mind body medicine, who approaches health with a huge dose of common sense and a broad lens,  then YOU are  in the right place…

We are so focused on treating what we see, the symptoms, that we forget there’s a “root cause” and so our efforts are rewarded with only temporary relief or nothing at all!

When it comes to health, we have been mistakenly led to believe that health issues are a matter of chance and good, or bad, luck! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is ALWAYS a “reason” that we can identify with the right approach and then treat.

To treat the symptoms is futile! EVEN if we see results it is unlikely that the “root cause” has been addressed which simply means the slow burning fire that caused the symptom in the first place is still going and WILL drive FURTHER dis-ease later down the track in a different and more chronic way…

The fact is, there are only a handful of issues that comprise the “pillars” of human health. These core areas that lay the foundation for health or dis-ease are the same for ALL of us and are at the heart of ANY health issue; auto-immune thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue or just a “sense” that things aren’t as they should be…

When we focus our efforts at restoring health from the ground up so to speak, we can resolve the symptoms and importantly, create lasting, robust, resilient health that will last a lifetime!!!

Great health is our birthright and abundant ENERGY is just around the corner…

HOW can we be our best or enjoy the best that life has to offer without it?

With the right guidance (resolution of root cause issues that completely prevent healing if left unaddressed, your unique “Food Prescription” reflecting your individual needs and some key daily strategies) your issues can be tackled with confidence and a truly comprehensive and holistic fashion. We leave NO stone unturned…

There isn’t anything more dis-empowering than hearing that there is NO cure, that your condition is un-explainable, that you will just have to live with it, there is nothing that can be done! OR worse still, you’re fine (when you KNOW you’re not!).

The fact is, we have incredible control and potential to impact our health profoundly and restore health even under the most serious of conditions. I have seen this to be true in thousands of cases over 25 years and I want to share with you exactly how to treat the “cause” of your health issues and start to LIVE with PURE “health” potential with this unique and proven approach.

You will:

  1. investigate, reveal and resolve the “root cause” reasons behind your health issues and give you back your ENERGY! 
  2. identify the “Pillars of Health” where our attention should lie if we hope for lasting health
  3. take the exact steps to resolve imbalance at the foundation level including a comprehensive clinically proven Detoxification and Gut Healing protocol handed to you with simply stunning recipes from my “Nourishing Wellness RESET” Program! We will “detox” together as a group (including me), there’s NO better support…
  4. discover the right foods for your unique biochemistry: your “Unique Food Prescription”
  5. understand the vital role that Epigenetics has to play, investigate imbalance, take the guess work out…
  6. set yourself up for lasting resilience into “older” age with vibrant, robust health (your birthright) AND a deep sense of “inner” peace and confidence in your health
  7. learn exactly how to prevent disease for ALL members of the family in the future
  8. implement daily strategies that are easy and fun that the whole family will benefit from
  9. embrace a truly “wholistic” approach to health, leaving NO stone unturned
  10. learn how to resolve the “inner” turmoil that prevents you from living the life you REALLY want!

This powerful 10-week event will set you squarely on course to fully resolve your  ROOT CAUSE health issues and begin to build the resilience needed to heal and RESTORE and set you up with long term health to avoid future dis-ease!

Here’s how this program works:

  • 10 weeks of lessons in video AND audio format to access in your own time to keep you moving toward success on your health journey.
  • 10 LIVE ONLINE sessions through the zoom platform to connect with your group, gain vital support and interact with Sally personally to discuss the steps and answer your questions.
  • priority booking with Sally if further assistance is needed; SPECIAL PRICE 30 mins $100

Here’s a snapshot of the results women have enjoyed:

I really want to share just HOW much Sally has helped our family. Firstly she treated my twins, one who had chronic eczema from birth and the other who had global development delay, BOTH of whom are different children today and are now fully integrated into their schooling life with regular kids! I developed thyroid issues during pregnancy and lived with ongoing fatigue, anxiety and LOW everything for 5 years even on medication until I worked with Sally and now my thyroid levels are normal and I feel like I have my life back when I had lived feeling “ripped off” and exhausted for such a long time. The lessons I’ve learnt from Sally are now part of my daily routine and her mantras have saved my sanity more than once. I feel so in control of mine and my family’s health and so knowledgeable, every mum should feel like this but I don’t know many that do! I’ve never met anyone like Sally, the best thing you could do to explore and learn about health is join this program! Yvette, Perth

I had been dabbling in natural health for YEARS so I was a bit unsure about what Sally could share that I hadn’t already investigated and I have to say I was skeptical when I joined the pilot program. After only a few weeks I started to see just how well Sally knows her stuff and the way she has put this course together is incredibly comprehensive, there really is no stone left unturned. I took on board some of her suggestions and even did some of the investigation and I was stunned to see my health transform when NOTHING had dented my health issues previously. I was diagnosed with Cushings and the turning point for me was Sally’s assessment of my emotional resources and the underlying toxicity that has since been addressed and I can truly feel the difference. I’ve  worked with MANY naturopaths but none have the level of insight or the wide  range of tools that are needed when treating health. I couldn’t be more grateful and recommend Sally highly enough. Beth, Melbourne

Every woman in my family has thyroid disease and I hadn’t been diagnosed but felt sure something wasn’t right. After doing Sal’s program I feel so confident that I will be the first woman in my family to NEVER need drugs and I feel better and more alive than I think I ever had. My husband couldn’t be happier with my new energy levels! Holly, Perth





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