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IGNITE! Your Power, Passion, Purpose & Potential ONLINE!



“IGNITE Your Power, Passion & Potential: transforming the obstacles to unleashing the REAL you & living beyond your wildest dreams”

Be Mentored to Wholistic Brilliance


*******AUGUST 17th*******

at 9am Perth/Hong Kong time (same time weekly for the LIVE Sessions)

Presented by Sally Gray ND: TRANSFORMATIONAL “Wholistic” Mentor

Naturopath, Nutritionist (Masters), Herbalist, Transpersonal Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP & EFT Practitioner, Certified “Success Principles” Trainer, Reiki Master

BONUS: 4 LIVE Online “Follow UPIMPLEMENTATION sessions with Sally Gray ND, Jennifer Moss & MORE Special Guests

What’s “off” or “missing” in your life? Are you living the life you REALLY want? If you feel like you are stuck with the way things are and DAILY joy, peace, happiness and success (in ANY realm of life) are for other people, then YOU are in the right place!

Sadly, most of us aren’t living the lives we think we signed up for AND there is plenty that feels “off”! We feel irritation, judged, not good enough, stressed and anxious on a daily basis and it doesn’t take much for us to feel “de-railed”.

NO stone is left unturned in this one-of-a-kind truly WHOLE-istic program.

What if you could turn it ALL around, and fast?

Well, you can! With a few tweaks here and there, a refocus in the right areas and a dash of commitment, YOUR best life is one step away.

In fact, you get to design exactly what you want your best life to look like and I (with some of the world’s leading experts) will show you how to make it happen.

You will begin immediately to live MORE of what you want EVERY day, see improvements in EVERY area of your life, live each moment with pure awareness and joy AND be the person you know you can be!

This my friends is guaranteed when you follow this map…

I will provide you with the blueprint you can simply put into place and start to action immediately to enjoy less stress, less worry, MORE fun…and be the role model your kids need in this day and age to simply get the MOST out of your journey in life.

Science tells us that we our physical and emotional health are intimately connected which means our health is driving our sense of “being” and purpose and vice versa.

In this program, we unite ALL aspects of our human experience to heighten our PURE potential AND enjoyment under any and all circumstances…

Here’s some of the life changing lessons and skills you’ll learn to create a truly stunning life:

  • Learn how to steal back your power from the people, circumstances, the past and events that are making it impossible for you to move forward.
  • Discover my most powerful success equation, the very same lessons understood by thought leaders and successful people globally as the KEY to success on all levels, that will guarantee you a positive outcome in ANY situation every time.
  • Learn this science based approach for retraining your brain for success to attract the people, resources and opportunities you need to reach your goals; step into “The Land of Calm, Courage, Connection & Contentment” in 1 elegant move…
  • How to “LOVE” every bit of you, inside and out, even the bits you don’t right now, and become your own best friend!
  • Daily transformation activities that make it easy to integrate these lessons into your life without finding EXTRA time…
  • The exact nutrition and lifestyle practices that ensure supreme physical and emotional well-being; learn how to address the “Root Cause Pillars” of health to resolve and build strong foundations for LIFE!
  • YOUR personal, done-for-you “Success Plan”.
  • BONUS 1! “In the Kitchen” Cooking Session with Sally to “sharpen” you culinary and nutrition skills, fuelling your success in EVERY realm of life…
  • BONUS 2! The “Nourishing Wellness RESET 12 Day Healing & Detoxification Program” as my gift to your stunning “physical” well-being…

I have spent 2 decades refining these processes, bringing together the very best of MIND-BODY medicine through my Nutrition/Naturopathic training and research, Transpersonal Counseling skills and various “Energy” Healing modalities including EFT (Tapping). As a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer (The Success Principles) and having studied the teachings of mentors around the world including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Sandy Forster and many more…AND with nearly 25 years of successful clinical experience working directly with women to restore physical and emotional vibrancy, I have created a program that will empower you within the very first 5 minutes and provide the support to implement what’s needed.

In this program, I’m collaborating with EXPERTS from around the globe who have walked this path themselves and have created phenomenal personal and professional success and yet they started out just as we all do; struggling with our “inner” demons…

These EXPERTS will join us to share their insights and practices we can take away and apply to our own lives to UP-level our potential.

Here’s a sneak peak of the inspiring women we’ll share this journey with:

  • As mentioned the fabulous Jennifer Moss,  “Spirited Heart Entrepreneur” and Mentor for the Entrepreneurial Organisation US who has masterfully created a successful Child Learning Centre  franchise built on “Heart Centred Leadership”. Jennifer is an accomplished Life and Success Principles Coach who has transformed her life from tragedy to highly sought  after Mentor, touching the lives of everyone she meets!
  • Veronica Vinci, natural born Counselor with a gift for “Transforming” lives, she is on the Australian board for Counseling reform and change and is highly esteemed in her profession, running her own successful practice.

Each week you will have me (Sally Gray) and Jennifer Moss (Spirited Heart Entrepreneur) to guide you personally, you are is the safest of hands…

You will discover how to navigate ANY obstacle that has held you back, whether that is within you OR without! You will learn the cutting edge tools to rewrite your “inner” program and tap into your “Einstein” brain every moment of the day!

Nothing that has EVER happened (past or present) will hold you back a moment longer and your belief in what’s possible AND achievable will be profoundly altered for life!

You will design the life of your dreams and have an action plan towards its fulfillment…

You will walk away with a daily plan to action, clearly laying out the short routines to follow AND proven strategies to embrace the very best of mind and body medicine to complete the new picture of YOU!

You will truly be empowered to move forward from this day onwards expressing the very BEST of you, living your life “unleashed”!

To keep you true to your commitment you will also be offered the opportunity to continue your work with the chance to join my Inner Circle by invitation only and KEEP stepping into your unlimited potential, the BRILLIANCE that is already within you, only you’ll have the key to unlocking YOU!

We have the power to create anything we choose in life, when we learn these skills we can empower our little people! Imagine growing up having access to this information, I can’t wait  to sit back and watch our children simply shine as we enjoy every moment of what’s to come for us all!

Here’s how the program works:

  • Fully guided by me with weekly LIVE sessions (that’s 12) ONLINE via zoom, fully recorded for your benefit and accessible through your learning platform.
  • Welcome introductory lesson as soon as you sign up!
  • 12 video lessons walking you through the concepts complete with downloads and exercises to complete to transform your life…
  • Special guests joining the LIVE events from all over the world adding insight, wisdom and pure gold to UPlevel your life!
  • EVERYTHING recorded to replay at a later date.
  • Handouts of lessons to download and refer to as your MAP for fulfillment.
  • Audio of lessons if  you’re a podcast lover.
  • YOUR questions answered along the way during our live interactive sessions…

Here’s how women have benefited so far:


I have recently completed Sally Gray’s “Ignite” Program and I am literally blown away with how much it has changed my life path. What I loved most about this program is the fact that what Sally teaches, she lives. She absolutely applies all of the lessons in her daily life, and she shares with you every facet of that life throughout the course. Sal was there the whole time, guiding and leading us to live a purposeful and meaningful life. I changed my path entirely, which is not something I had intended!! – but after doing the work required I came to realise I wasn’t fulfilling all of my goals and intentions and I was merely letting things ‘happen’ rather than really pursuing what I want.

The program is so thoroughly set out and so easy to follow. Sal has shared so much information, it would be extremely difficult not to alter your path and shift your mindset in to one of action. If you apply what has been taught, you will absolutely change gears and start to live your life purposefully and meaningfully. This program is so great in the way that once you complete it, and you have reached your goals and changed your life, you can go back to the start and re-do the whole thing again for the next set of goals. It’s the kind of program where you can continually dig in and get more gold and make massive changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

Thank you Sal for sharing so much of yourself, your life and your wisdom. I am so excited about what the future holds, now that I have this awesome tool to utilise as often as I need. Rebecca Hawkins, Busselton

I’ve just finished the IGNITE coaching course and when it came time to giving feedback I felt really stuck. I’m the kind of person that will always give feedback if asked but I wasn’t sure what to say because I couldn’t really identify my results, they didn’t seem that obvious. So I asked my husband to help me out, he knew what I’d been doing for the past 3 months, and he suggested I go back to the beginning where I’d written about where I’d started and check in with “that” person to see if I could still relate and to measure the  change so to speak. I have always loved how smart my husband is, he’s one of the most brilliant people I know. When I did THIS, I had a total AHA! I REALLY couldn’t relate to that person and fully realised how MUCH I had grown in so many ways. The progress was consistent and incremental. I instantly knew that I had expected a POW moment, like a miraculous revelation that would shift me god knows where. In that moment I understood immediately something you said quite early in the program about Taking 100% Reponsibility and I  realised that THIS was huge for me. I’ve learnt how to really explore MY expectations and how this is a pattern that has led to discomfort, stress, irritation over and over in my life! What I also realised is that I HAVE actually shifted to a new level of understanding, so the results are there and more obvious that I first thought. So I made a list and here’s some of the stuff that’s happened in the past 3 months, none of which is coincidence as I see it now: I feel way more calm every single day and the sleep issues I  thought were hormonal have gone; my relationship with my daughter is so much easier since I’ve been using the “observation” technique before I open my mouth; my relationship with my husband is closer than ever, I realise I’d taken him for granted and he’ll tell you our sex life is a billion times better, embarrassing but true, probably more than you wanted to know; I’ve enrolled to do the cert 4 training I’ve been meaning to do for years; I yell less, my husband added that; I spoke to my dad about something we hadn’t discussed  in years which was a huge wedge in our relationship and I thought he’d pass without us ever speaking about  it and now we are close again; we inherited some money and have booked the holiday we’ve always dreamed about and will finally get to do in July! So I feel a bit silly that this eluded me at first but I wanted to share (it’s a lot I know) because I think it’s probably something others feel AND we never give ourselves enough credit for our progress as women. I’d also like to add that I’ve stepped up the self-care practice that you teach and it’s my NEW favourite part of the day. Jill Perth

I haven’t finished  the program yet and I haven’t even been to any of the LIVE sessions but my whole life is so changed and I’m just so excited I want to share it now! I feel like I was really part of something so special and I looked forward to seeing the replays of everything so much. When Friday night came around I got cosy at home with NO alcohol which is a huge change for the better already, and I’d watch the ladies and feel so connected. I felt so stuck in a job I didn’t like and I got the courage to speak to my team leader about how to make some changes and I now feel like I’m in my dream job and all the irritations are gone. I will write another letter at the end but this has meant the world to me and everyone at work has noticed and asked what I’m doing. They’ll be doing your next one Sal. Jo, Adelaide

I knew my life was OFF but I  had no idea it was that OFF until I discovered my “Life Purpose” in week 3. I finally feel like I’m really living and the missing piece is now my reason for life and has become my pure pleasure. Lauren Melbourne

I used to live with permanent tension and guilt. After I’d finished the program it took a while to sink in but  when it did I felt a level of peace I never really believed possible and even though my family business is booming beyond belief, it’s my ongoing happiness and spark that I am forever grateful for. You’re amazing Sal. Jennie Sydney

At first I felt really annoyed! Sally’s approach is SO simple and effective and transferable, I feel ripped off for only learning it now in my life! EVERY woman and child in the world  needs  these lessons and  the practical skills Sally provides. I’ve seen my world and that of my children blossom and our level of connection and FUN has been totally upscaled. People ask me what I’ve done, the NEW me is so obvious. I wish you the best of success with this program Sally, it seems too cheap given how our group has benefited! Zoe Perth

Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of the amazing Ignite program. It has given me confidence in myself. It has helped me deal with a number of extremely stressful situations, the course provided me with the tools to manage and cope with whatever happens. The Ignite course will change how you view yourself, your life and the events that happen to you. It is an extremely beneficial and empowering course. I am thankful to have been able to take part in it. Rhee Perth

I loved the techniques of how to release old baggage and self limiting believes and also the brain hacks. I also really enjoyed understanding the “working” behind some of the strategies. Many I was previously aware of, however understanding how they worked made me more inclined to do them properly. If you are wanting to be the best you and propel yourself forward with life long strategies and tools, then do this program. And this is my personal thank you to YOU. Thank you for wanting the be best & brilliant you and then empowering other women to do the same. I knew it would be great, but did not realise HOW much I would enjoy it and how much happier I would be along the way. As scary as it was to bring “shit” to the surface, it was also fabulous to acknowledge it and deal with it. I still have such a long way to go, but I’m open to the journey. Chantal Sydney


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