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Home Health Care Without HARM! ONLINE Program


Treating Children Safely & Effectively to BUILD Lasting Resilience AND Avoid Damaging DRUGS


ONLINE Fully Guided Journey to YOUR Child’s EXTRAORDINARY Health!

Join Sally Gray ND Guiding You Through Fun & Dynamic Lessons  to Step Into Confident & Calm Home Health Authority!

Join hundreds of mums who are now fully EMPOWERED & much HAPPIER to tackle common health issues with NO FUSS strategies, action plans and a thorough understanding of health and the profound impact we have to avoid disease and get back into the driver’s seat of our “health” experience in life…

Our current practices when our children get sick are tragically harmful! We have bought into the  belief that modern medicine has the answer and that if the recommendation comes from the doctor or other health authority then it must be safe and trustworthy.

Sadly, modern research has revealed that using medical intervention (including paracetamol, panadol, ibuprofen, advil, tylenol, antibiotics, steroids, anti-histamines, over the counter cough medicine, even the pill) is more  harmful than doing NOTHING in MOST cases! In fact, these pharmaceuticals can disrupt the balance within the body enough that disease processes commence, and before you know it, the foundation for future health issues (DISEASE) has been laid.

With a little education we can simplify our health and understand exactly when a doctor’s help is needed and when the wrong intervention can impact our children’s future!

Did you know that NO medicine has ever been tested on children? That recommended dosages are just a “guess”! That our current medicines have such a SHORT history of use that the REAL impact isn’t fully known…

Well, that’s not technically true. What we DO know is that the complications of pharmaceutical medicine, let’s just focus on the ones typically used for our children, is significant. Enough that our doctors are NOW, in 2017, directed NOT to prescribe antibiotics OR pain & fever medication unless absolutely necessary. Those “absolutely necessary” moments are FEW and far between, rare events indeed, meaning WE as mums need to find an effective and SAFE alternative that doesn’t pose the risk associated with these medicines.

I’ve seen so many families use paracetamol, messing around  trying to find a dosage with little thought to the safety issues, the paracetamol side effects! If only it was widely known that these pain and fever relieving drugs are actually toxic to the liver, disrupt the delicate gut membrane and microbial balance for our kids AND are responsible for MORE visits to hospital emergency rooms than any other cause for children, some with deadly consequences of pharmaceutical poisoning.

With a few simple, quick and easy to learn strategies, you can turn this picture around ENTIRELY and harness “lost” wisdom to take back control of your family’s health even when they get sick.

You CAN feel confident and empowered to handle fever and infections that would normally send you into a panic and end in a trip to the doctor where you’ve lost your power!

The answers you get there NEVER treat the underlying cause and are at best “dangerous” symptom management that will cost MONEY, TIME, STRESS and HEALTH!

In fact, the costs of modern health care are HUGE and can all be avoided when you have this vital information that is safe, proven and effective and efficient. This means you can deal with bugs quickly rather than seeing them linger for weeks, only to return not long thereafter!

For over 20 years I have been refining the “Action Plans” for families to take when someone gets sick and from this culmination of thousands of hours and families who have used my methods, I am delighted to share my education, experience, insights and wisdom to make your journey simply seamless.

You will be able to make your own quick cough remedies, including cough medicine for babies, how to address fever symptoms, and get your kids back on track much  quicker than ever before…ALL without HARM but with PROVEN and EFFECTIVE strategies!

You will know exactly which are health BOOSTING (and health DESTROYING) foods for kids which is shrouded in misinformation and conjecture. AND the best kids recipes to boost the immune system to fight infections and make sure they don’t come back!

You are in the right place if you want to create robust health and happiness for your children and set them up for life! You will set them up for a clear path AROUND  the disease that is predicted for them when you know how!

You can access this accumulated wealth of knowledge in a very short space of time, with lessons that will help from day 1, and for a fraction of the cost of Doctor’s visits or trips to the Naturopath (I charge $250 an hour) not to mention not being able to see a practitioner immediately VERY often.

Everything you need to manage your children’s health at home without the damaging impact of modern medicine is right here.

I will hold your hand over 6 modules and take you on a powerful journey to improved resilience with proactive measures and an arsenal or weapons, just ready to roll out when the bugs come knocking!

Home Health Care Without Harm will show you:

  1. Learn to read the signs and trust your inner wisdom.

  • The “Signs of Illness” checklist.
  • The clues before your eyes; what your child’s body is trying to tell you.
  • Unleashing your innate, inner “mum knows” wisdom.
  1. From overwhelmed mum to home health authority (or your child’s health demystified).

  • How to avoid the mistakes even smart mums make that are harming our kids.
  • The 2 key areas of health to focus on that flow on to everything else.
  • The little known truths about health that will set you free.
  • How to fall in love with “fever”.
  • Your “Great Health Template”; we are born healthy, here’s how to UPlevel your health expectations.
  1. Simple AND safe remedies to confidently manage sick kids without pharmaceuticals.

  • Uncover the hidden infection fighters ready to go in your home.
  • Nature’s helpful, harmless helpers!
  • The TOP 10 remedies (and more) to have on hand to be prepared for ANY acute illness.
  • Exactly how to stock your first aid cabinet to keep it ALL harm free.
  • Reviving tried and true traditional practices to keep your family’s health boosted.
  • Treating stubborn infections from ENT and candida to parasites!
  • DIY Remedy & Recipe BIBLE: a true recipe loaded with remedies to make at home that are safe and WORK along with tried and true remedies and a selection of stunning recipes from “The Medicinal Menu” ebook due for release in August 2017…
  1. Daily meal plans and recipes to “fuel immune health” and give you back wasted “sick” time.

  • Identifying and avoiding the surprising foods that HARM our kids.
  • The super concentrated foods our kids NEED!
  • Dozens of simple, tried and true recipes to heal, “nourish” and delight.
  • Done for you meal plans to keep your house running smoothly and stress free.
  • The DIY Recipe Bible as above…
  1. Your done for you “Action Plans” to handle acute health events AND daily prevention strategies.

  • Daily strategies to prevent the bugs that cause chaos and leave you in damage control.
  • Action steps to follow to treat infections of any kind, taking the guess work out with concrete action.
  • Exactly how to enhance recovery so life doesn’t come to a stand still!
  1. The exact Blueprint for setting your child up for lifelong health and happiness.

  • “Root Cause Resolution”, switch the focus from symptom management to health from the ground up.
  • Building lasting health in childhood when it really counts!
  • The #1 secret to outrageous, lifelong health and happiness…

PLUS and special BONUS: Rising Above the Fear…so you can step confidently into your NEW Home Health Care role!

On our journey together:

  1. we will meet online through the educational videos to reveal and discuss key aspects of health
  2. share the journey with like minded families and access this powerful synergy of wisdom
  3. you will have ONGOING access to an online learning platform with videos, downloadable handouts, audios and transcripts
  4. you will be invited into my kitchen as I demonstrate how easy this journey can be
  5. STUNNING recipes to roll out to the delight of ALL the family right away…
  6. “cheat” sheets and “action” plans which will guide  you every step of the way in times of “crisis”
  7. I will share my proven system and insights to create EXTRAORDINARY child health for LIFE…
  8. BONUS! LIVE q&a sessions will be uploaded periodically to keep you inspired on your learning journey!

Here’s what people have had to say about this event:

Every mum needs to have this information in their hands right from the outset! I can honestly say that I never felt that giving my kids panadol and ibuprofen felt right to me. My doctor even said to give them to my children in an alternating pattern so that they were always covered. I now see how unnatural this is and we need to teach our kids to listen to their bodies and understand what ANY symptom is telling them and guiding them to do. I’ve now used Sally’s approach for over a year and can’t believe the turn around in my entire family. The entire “stress” around sickness has just gone and I feel like I have an answer to manage just about anything I could face. My youngest had croup recently which in the past would have freaked me out completely but I just grabbed what I needed, the remedies I’d bought and made thanks to Sally, and took action and she was getting better within that day and it lasted for about 3 days until the bug was completely gone. That is unheard of in my family and circle of friends. But I think the most important lesson has been to trust my instincts and I feel more confident in myself than I think I ever have in my life and THAT is worth gold to me. I would never have thought that my happiness would improve from learning about this stuff but it has! You are an amazing gift to mums Sal! Jessica, Perth

I have attended several of Sally’s workshops and every time I am astounded by her depth of knowledge. Not only do you feel completely assured by the information you receive, the recipes and food are delicious (for kids especially). You walk out of the workshop feeling not only inspired but empowered to make areal life long difference in your child’s world.  Megan Busselton

This was my first time visiting one of Sally’s workshops & i was very impressed. I found “managing your child’s health naturally” very inspiring. The content although in depth, is very easy to understand. Everything learnt and spoke about is documented in a take away manual making recipes/information easy to reference. Sally’s workshops are a must for any parent worried about their child’s long term health. I will be returning until i have completed all of the workshops! Thanks again Sal. Stuart Perth

Thanks Sally for another fantastic workshop.  A wealth of knowledge and as always I come away with some great easy tips to easily start using.  I feel great that I can give my children fun things to eat that are packed full of nutrients.  I love the marshmallows and the multi-vitamin jubes are a real hit.  The health tonics are a great cordial substitute with no sugar and healthy for them.  My mind has been opened to the dangers of processed food, gluten and sugar and I thank you so much for that.  Im looking forward to the next workshop. Michelle Dunsborough