Sq Happy Healthy Mums Bubs

Happy Healthy Mums & Bubs

The Blueprint for a Blissful Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding & Beyond

October 21st, Dunsborough, 9.30-12, $60

Join Dr Sarah Moore MD, ObGyn & Sally Gray ND from Real Healthy Kids for this dynamic event & change the course of your child’s life. Misinformation about health is rife right from pregnancy leaving mums feeling stressed and confused. This workshop clearly navigates the path to a stress free, vibrantly healthy pregnancy with lifelong resilience & vitality, setting your little one on the right track from the very beginning.

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Happy Healthy Mums & Bubs

This dynamic 2 hour information filled event is brought is a powerful start for any NEW mum! Sally Gray ND (“Wholistic” Transformational Mentor) has joined forces with Dr Sarah Moore ObGyn who have collectively supported countless mothers toward supreme physical and emotional well-being with the easy to apply strategies shared in this program.

You will learn:

  • How to achieve the best possible pregnancy health & birth experience
  • The secrets to a STRESS free journey into parenthood, the simple daily steps to take!
  • The biggest mistakes new mum’s make with nutrition for themselves and their babies & how to avoid them, the REAL keys to health
  • The real cost of poor health, our kids pay the price! Tricks to avoiding “common” childhood conditions, we are MEANT to be healthy, anything less is a sign of something deeper…
  • How to produce the best quality breast milk to feed baby’s optimal potential for growth & development as well as disease resistence
  • Trouble shooting, the options when things don’t go to plan that support health rather than harm as most pharmaceutical approaches do
  • The BEST first foods for baby & a plan for lifelong health!

You will receive a comprehensive manual for ongoing support, book your spot at info@realhealthykids.com & avoid the typical picture of stress, childhood illness & struggle. Our kids AND us are meant to be vibrantly healthy!