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Fermented Health ONLINE Home Study Course

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Fermenting Foods & Drinks for SUPREME Gut Health & Pleasure

This self paced journey takes you through EVERY aspect of fermenting to begin making your own creations safely and deliciously…

Fermenting is a POWERFUL traditional practice that enhances and preserves foods and drinks. Fermenting harnesses the potential of microbes and certain vital ingredients to create and amplify nutrients that confer significant benefits to our health when consumed.

Fermented foods and drinks CAN be a powerful health “ally” if you know how to do it PROPERLY! I have been teaching “fermenting” for a number of years and over that time have evolved my practices to ensure optimal nutrition as well as safety from beginning to end of the process.

Unfortunately most people are learning OR teaching unsafe practices that have the potential to harm our critical gut microbiome! This diminishes IMMUNE health which MUST be in tip top shape to keep us optimally health and prevent or treat chronic dis-ease.

This program will teach a range of lessons covering powerful techniques and practices to directly impact AND improve health for kids and adults alike. You will be SOOOO well equipped and empowered to ferment like a PRO with a take home manual loaded with dozens of brilliant, tried and true recipes with easy to follow instructions from an EXPERT.

Fermenting is wonderful fun and you can get super creative in the kitchen and the kids LOVE to “play” with you which as you would know REALLY improves compliance…(if not mess as well!)

You will walk away confident to ACT and IMPACT your family’s health with a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of health and a variety of recipes:

  • Fermenting foundations, the history of this practice and its relevance to our health
  • Our MICROBIOME”S”, how food can best nurture this foundation environment that either drives health or disease! This is absolutely central to our health and MUST be well understood to prevent future disease and/or treat a health issue!
  • SAFE fermentation practices; an eagle eye look at wild ferments, their damage potential and how to enjoy our favourites safely and healthfully (kombucha, kefir, kraut AND more……..)
  • Fermented vegetables & kraut even the kids will LOVE!
  • Therapeutic, medicinal drinks such as my cold & flu tonic, vitamin C blast, berry oxymel ……..
  • Safe sauces, pickles, chutneys, relishes, jams (all with some of the MOST divine recipes you can imagine)
  • Probiotic food & snacks; cookies, granola, crackers, bliss balls……..
  • MUCH, MUCH more!

You  will have access to:

  • Your own learning platform with access ANY time you choose to all the lessons, recipes, videos, audio and transcripts.
  • Access for life to keep coming back AND teaching your kids as they grow.