Preparing for the conception of a baby has a very long, traditional history. Even our modern World Health Organisation and scientific research highlight the profound benefit to mother AND baby when specific measures are taken in the preconception phase.

Science has revealed that we can prevent pregnancy related health complications and disease for ourselves and our babies such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and atopic conditions (asthma, eczema) as well as auto-immune disorders (such as thyroid disease and arthritis) when we take this kind of proactive approach.

Not ONLY that! We can create robust health, brilliant brains and happy children when we amplify what our body, mind and spirit actually need to thrive.

This idea of “preconception care” was once a normal part of life, with understanding and reverence given to couples preparing for a family. This was done with a specific focus on optimising health through nutrition and spiritual practices.

Times have changed dramatically and we now find ourselves in the age of “dis-ease”, many believe we are in a crisis, with both maternal and paternal health issues (often multiple) the norm.

Modern day practices have built on this traditional knowledge and now aim to create robust health prior to conception through resolving prevailing health issues, investigating the “hidden” drivers of disease that will impact the next generation, amplifying health with food (plenty of what the body needs and a very wide berth around the foods that can harm, which very sadly is much of what we are consuming on a daily basis) and quality, organic food supplements (not the synthetic toxic kind pedalled by most AND by me for most of my Naturopathic career) combined with lifestyle practices that speak to our “inner” needs to create vital resilient emotional health.

Having formally trained in “Natural Fertility Management”, Francesca Naish, AND embraced the wisdom of Dr Weston A Price in my own life and clinic, I have seen the profound outcomes of the “right” intervention consistently for the health or our babies AND mums!

Download this guide (to the right) to get “fuelling” your best health today! This lays it all out very simply so you know what to eat every day for the absolute best of health AND what your cravings REALLY mean! Join me for the “Preconceived Babies” program or a FREE educational “Pregnancy” webinar and learn the “COMMON”  supplement recommendations you MUST AVOID (the synthetic ones our doctors recommend), and which are safe and effective for you  and your  baby!

To understand the time needed to embark on health optimisation in the preconception phase we need to understand the life cycle of the sperm and egg that will eventually come together to create new life; it’s ALL about the sperm and egg…

The time it takes for an egg to mature for release during a menstrual cycle is 120 days. The same time frame is true for sperm to mature. The health of an individual at the time of conception informs the health of the egg and sperm and THUS the embryo that is created and the subsequent health of the baby, and of course, the mum. So we want to get in before then and deliberately create the very best of health at the foundations!


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preconceived babies program

Here’s a video that investigates the “very” dry science behind eggs!

I encourage couples to consider “Preconception Care” 1 year prior, 120 days at the very minimum for the “loading phase” to make an impact, to conception to fully realise their own health potential and create the very best of health for their future family. (If you are pregnant now, well congratulations! Head over to the “Pregnancy Health” page and find out what you can do NOW)

This allows for the time needed to correct the issues that ALL of us experience living in this world today such as toxicity, gut microbiome imbalance, the silent impact of “stress” which has profound down stream consequences for ourselves AND our babies, as well as supporting our Epigenetics which drive our genes, our very health potential!

Then we take a few months LOADING as I like to call the period of time dedicated to amplifying nutrition to directly impact the health of the egg and the sperm that will create “life”!

Join me for the “Preconceived Babies” program as I guide you through the necessary investigation and restoration phases and empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve lifelong health and happiness so you can truly become the director of your family’s health story.