Our GUT Microbiome; the soil from which our kids' brain & body grows!

The gut microbiome refers to the unique profile of bugs that live in the gut. It is an ecosystem, not unlike the garden compost heap, which is why I often refer to it as our “inner garden”. There are others as well; in the mouth, skin, vagina etc and their health is pivotal to us experiencing both physical AND mental health! In fact, it is now medically recognised as so IMPORTANT that it has been given the title of “organ” in light of the science supporting its role.

When there is an imbalance in this environment a wide range of functions are compromised AND disease can be the result. In fact, ANY disease can be the result from heart disease, chronic immune dysfunction, cancer…..And there’s no need to even think disease! Simply poor focus, fuzzy thinking, poor memory, irritability can also all be signs of a dodgy microbiome!

The gut microbiome performs a range of functions that we rely on, they are non-negotiable cellular activities without which we simply could not function. So it’s time we really embraced this crucial synergistic relationship, we need them and they need us and we must strive to ensure they are well supported because in doing so we will reap the benefits of optimal health AND happiness.

I have seen the results first hand in clinic of a gut restoration approach and have seen it benefit a WIDE range of health issues in kids including; ASD, ADHD, asthma, eczema, auto-immune disease, immune dysfunction, ongoing ear infections, food intolerances, hayfever, headaches, anxiety, depression…….

Here’s some of what these clever little bugs do to keep us healthy:

  • optimal digestion of food
  • the production of essential nutrients such as B vitamins and Vitamin K (a deficiency of which underpins ALL chronic health issues)
  • support our immune system
  • keep potentially pathogenic bacteria in check
  • interface with DNA in the first days after birth (this is a biggie and has huge implications for c-section babies)
  • support or hinder metabolism

Our role is really just to do what we can to keep our microbiome healthy and the first step we can take is to clean up our diet because this is DIRECTLY impacting what is going on inside our gut. This will provide the foundation for optimal growth and development in childhood, for immune building and developing resilience, to heal from dis-ease of any kind, for brain function, mental health and emotional well-being AND to create lasting health!

Our modern world needs to change FAST! Much of what we do and the way that most people eat is actually damaging this crucial environment. Here are some guidelines to create the kind of health we all want for our kids AND can achieve when we learn how:

  • focus on an organic, whole food varied diet
  • eat plenty of prebiotics
  • consume “PROPERLY” fermented foods which are rich in nutrients, enzymes AND beneficial microbes to support the “inner garden” (as taught in “Fermented Health”)
  • avoid processed food of ALL kinds which automatically addressed the inherent issue with food toxins, artificial anythings!
  • avoid pharmaceuticals inc antibiotics, the pill, panadol
  • avoid genetically modified foods
  • ensure meat is from a pastured organic source, not conventionally farmed
  • sleep well
  • meditate

If this topic interests you, join the “Fermented Health” online program and learn all about the gut microbiome (in depth) and its role in our health as well as everything you need to know about fermenting to produce outstanding quality, safely every time!

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