Mums: How to be FREE from Stress Once and for All! Amazing Recipe to improve Adrenals

If I told you that ALL of the stress in your life could just melt away, would you want to know how? Have you ever thought about the kind of person you would be if you didn’t have stress in your life? Well I am going to get you there, if you are willing to take my hand and step with me, this is my promise to you…..

“Real Healthy Kids” start with “Real Healthy Mums”!

It may seem kind of unreal, we are almost programmed FOR stress and it is certainly heightened as a mum. But imagine how much more enjoyable (for EVERYONE) being a mum would be  without stress! Being a mum is the MOST important job in the world and for most of us, our kids are growing up with far from the “BEST” of us. In fact, often they get to see the worst of us as we struggle to maintain a semblance of control.

Stress just seems to be the roll we are on and it’s damn hard to get off. On and on it flows: from the kids; cleaning; cooking; husband; work; deadlines; money; sister; brother; past trauma; sad memories; traffic; neighbours; mess; noise; irritating people; obnoxious co-workers……

There’s no doubt that there is stress in our world and it aint going away, we tend to feel it as irritation, anger, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, worry, overwhelm… None of these leave us feeling great or even remotely empowered but they all have something  in common. They are OUR reactions we have to a stress of some kind. Here’s the key, no-one else feels it for us, these are OUR interpretations of events that have happened. Stay with me here. So if this is a reaction, a reaction is something that can be changed, so all we need to do is learn how to react differently! We can change our response to the stress! As it is:

We create our own stress, no-one is living our life in our heads, it is our own beliefs and thoughts that produce the stressful outcome. We CAN learn different responses!

Let’s be honest, the stress in our world isn’t going away, so the way I see it, we have a choice to make. We can continue letting stress dictate our experience on this planet, or we can take the reigns, gain control over our reactions and choose a completely different road, one that leads to more joy, inner peace AND better health! Stress after all is the number 1 driver of disease, so it’s going to end you if you don’t make a change. Pretty big incentive me thinks!

From a psychology perspective, the priority in your life needs to be YOU in order for ANYTHING else to be as good as it can be. Yeah we can get by in life with a subpar effort, but I am guessing that’s not what you want is it? To get to some point in the future and go, oh dear, it could have all been so different if only…….Don’t let that  be you, not when it can be so easily turned around.

You can make a commitment to yourself right here and right now that YOU are your new number 1 priority. The rest of the world is about to see the BEST of you and by crikey isn’t this what your kids deserve, a role model they can truly turn to and learn from? Someone who is living their life by example, fully in their power, exuding confidence, love and self-belief. Someone who gracefully embraces life’s ups and downs and sees each challenge as  an opportunity to learn. Someone with unwavering self confidence who is happy in each moment and sees them self as successful exactly where they are. Standing solidly in their power, teaching their children to do the same.

You CAN do this you know! I am going to share some strategies to building your inner resolve over the next few weeks. Let’s start with these 2 ideas:

  1. Imagine you are having a conversation with yourself, but you are 20 years younger, what advice would you give yourself to manage life?
  2. Create a daily routine of giving yourself some YOU time, a break if you will, even it that’s a cuppa and a few deep breaths. In Sweden they call this “Fika”. And we all know the Swedish have “happiness” nailed. My dear friends Emile and Asa, the most gorgeous mother and son on the planet, have written a book called “Fika Fix“, grab a copy when it hits Australia. Here’s a recipe designed to support YOUR “Fika Fix”, make a batch and add it to your cuppa!

Nurturing MUMS Tonic:

If you are serious about being your BEST self and becoming free from the obstacles in your life, then join me for IGNITE, book your spot right here.


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