Menu Plan Your Way to Dinner Time Joy AND Time Freedom! A Guide to Follow

Planning is a success tool we seriously under-utilise in the world’s most important job of being a mum! Using the simple strategy of meal planning can resolve a tonne of stress, who wouldn’t PAY for that!!! I am going to give you a head start and share with you my “Meal Planning Ideas” guide.

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So let’s begin with meal planning, do you know what’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week, or even next week? If you did, how much easier would your life be? You will have clarity, NO last minute stress, shopping will be a breeze AND you will have time freedom…..

Quality PLANNING leads to quality results! This is true for successful businesses so why on earth do we not do this in our homes? This may be one of the most important pieces of guidance I can offer and it is certainly something I see valuable for the clients I support to achieve the very best of physical and emotional wellness!

Use the ideas below to create your plan and if you downloaded your copy of the “Ultimate Planning Tool” then build on this idea of meal planning with all the other elements to create TOTAL bliss in your life!

This is taken from the Meal Planning chapter in my  book, “Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness”. Tweak these ideas to create the plan that suits your child’s needs and enjoy your new found TIME and dinner time joy!

Style/Ingredient Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Tips
Eggs Scrambled, poached, fried, omelette, frittata Baked Porridge & muffins Grain free muffins Use quality fats and seasonal veg, fruit and soaked nuts/seeds. Most of these provide plenty of leftovers for snack or another meal so consider doubling to make the most of this then freezing
Oats Porridge Baked porridge Slices & bars Soak oats overnight before use to reduce anti-nutrient impact. Slices/bars can be frozen or will keep in an air tight container for a week
Pancakes Overnight soaked spelt flour Almond meal or coconut flour Pikelets Use quality fats for added nutrition. Any of these are great lunch box additions spread with butter & fermented jam
Muffins Overnight soaked spelt Savoury Grain free Use quality fats to enhance digestion & nutrition, great for freezing so make a big batch
Granola (grain or grain free) Layered with yoghurt & berries Served with raw or coconut milk Eaten as trail mix on the go Very portable & great snack option, use as a fancy dessert or breakfast
Smoothie Raw milk Coconut Milk/cream Nut milk Add coconut oil, frozen fruit, organic superfoods powder, excellent for recovery from illness or in times of reduced appetite
Sourdough Toast with butter & fermented jam French toast Toasted raw cheese sandwich Use abundant quality fats for spreading to maximise nutrition eg butter/coconut oil, raw cheese
Raw Dairy Ice-cream Yoghurt Cheese platter & snacks Home-made versions can be made with quality nutrition loaded ingredients with minimal sweeteners, add raw cheese daily to your child’s meals for probiotic and nutrition value
Roast Chicken Beef/Lamb Fish Serve with vegetables/salad & bone broth gravy/dressings or condiments
Mince Pork & beef mince meatballs Chicken mince skewers Bolognese with diced liver Include egg or yoghurt & crumbs/flour for binding along with grated veg and bone broth cubes or gelatin powder to enhance protein value & gut support
Slow Cooked Whole chicken or large cut of meat Soup Stew Saute onions & brown meat first for added flavour, use bone broth & veg for additional nutrition & taste
Sourdough Pizza Calzone Toasted Sandwich Use your child’s favourite ingredients, serve with salad & dressing
Sausages Beans & snags Sausage curry BBQ Serve with veg & condiments, sourdough bread hotdogs for BBQ, always cook extra for leftovers
Braises Red meat and tomato, shanks, osso bucco or cubed meat Moroccan or Indian Meat & soaked rice/quinoa Use bone broth as the liquid, coconut milk/cream where appropriate & loads of veg
Patties Mince of any kind, beef & pork combo is very tasty Salmon or tuna (wild/sustainably fished) Leftovers Add grated veg, binding if needed, gelatin or bone broth & grated liver, serve with condiments
Chicken Roast Coconut curry Marinated wings or pieces Bone broth for cooking & use spices/herbs to flavour
Rice Risotto with soaked rice Kichiri with dahl Pudding with coconut milk Use bone broth where appropriate & quality fats to enhance nutrition
Soup Meat & veg Pumpkin Lentil Use bone broth, sauté onion & veg in fat before adding liquid for flavour
Salad Meal in a salad (use everything) Warm veg salad Grain based: Thai rice noodle salad or quinoa Use dressings to enhance flavour & nutrition, olive oil is a must
Legumes Baked beans Cassoulet (meat & beans) Beans & rice or refried in a layered dip meal Use bone broth to cook the soaked beans & sea vegetables to enhance nutrition
Condiments (fermented) Sauerkraut Chutney Sauces & mayo Make your own & add what your family likes for abundant probiotic goodness & taste
Seafood BBQ or pan fry Chowder (with buttered sourdough) Stew or bake Use quality fats for cooking & fish bone broth with veg
Vegetables Coconut curry Roast veg salad with organic feta Veggie & nut loaf Use any veg & broth to enhance nutrition, add quality cheese or eggs
Pork Bacon & eggs Braised chops with roasted pears Roast with crackle Choose quality sources, brine before cooking (except bacon) in salt, water & desired flavours

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