Masterchef Madness! Reviving Simple, Wholesome Meals for Sensational Family Health & SANITY (11 GREAT MEAL IDEAS)

Are you creating masterchef misery in your house? Without realising it, we have added considerably to the pressure “load” we carry as mums. All these reality shows that reinforce fancy, gourmet food as the norm have left us trying to create masterpieces at mealtime which has complicated life in a number of ways.

Firstly, the added time, which we likely never had in the first place. There is not only the time needed to learn new techniques BUT also in finding crazy ingredients which of course come at a price! Then we start comparing our results, rarely the same as the picture and rarely as well received by the family as we hoped. One of the most dangerous emotional practices we can do is “compare”, we are all on our own journey and comparing ourselves or our results is not a “filling our  cup” kind of strategy, leaving us feeling lacking or inferior.

Do you think there’s a reason the family prefers the good old roast or steak and salad, rather than the diverse range of exotic foods that are on-trend currently? Since when have simple meals been any less tasty and satisfying than masterchef masterpieces? The bottom line is that they aren’t, they are just as, if not more, tasty AND invariably better for health. Keeping it simple means we have greater control over the important food elements that our kids really need to be healthy. Health should be the number one driver for our menu planning, we get one body and the right food ensures it lasts a lifetime in fairly good nick.

I see so many mums who have inadvertently traversed this masterchef pathway to misery and more stress when in actual fact, creating ease and simplifying meal times is what is really needed. Doing this gives us more time to spend with our family and doing other fun things AND takes the thinking out of ensuring adequate nutrition. I propose we get back to basics, have 10 go-to home-prepared, made from scratch meals the family loves that can we become masters at. This will not only ensure the family is delighted with what’s for dinner, but becoming a master of these dishes will create convenience and TIME!

Here’s an example of the 10 main meals that feature in my home. I create convenience by ensuring meals are planned and I also make extra of certain things so that I have meals ready to whip out of the freezer as needed. I don’t spend hours in the kitchen, I want to spend my time hanging out and doing things with my boys creating awesome memories, experiences and adventures. The keys to the following recipes are their focus on the nutrients kids need most: quality proteins, fats and veggies as well as bone broth. I would also add, what is missing is packaged and processed foods. Simply removing these kinds of foods from the diet can elevate health considerably (you will find many articles I have written about the best breakfast and lunch foods for our kids on this site).

  1. Roast with bone broth gravy – standard or slow cooked with veg or salad
  2. Mince – meatballs, lasagne, bolognese, mexican (we tend to opt for veg over pasta for health)
  3. Fish – pan fried, baked, skewered with salad or veg
  4. Curry (usually chicken or beef) with lots of veg
  5. Soups made with bone broth
  6. Stew/braise/slow cooked meats which can have any base flavour from rich tomato to mexican mole
  7. Vegetarian – no meat numbers usually with soaked legumes such as a lentil loaf or mung bean stew
  8. Steak or chops with veg or salad
  9. Stir fry veggies with a meat of some kind
  10. Eggs done a gazillion ways
  11. Sourdough pizza, pastry, flatbreads

This repertoire of meals keeps things simple, nutritious AND loved by the family. I highly recommend this kind of plan for families, you won’t believe how much easier things become.

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