Not everything goes to plan in life, I sure know this one being mum to a miracle of modern science! If fertility becomes an issue there is a very clear path to follow to significantly impact your situation and enhance the outcomes for all concerned, particularly if heading down the IVF path.

Infertility is NOT an accident, there are always reasons even if science can’t find them. It’s not the luck of the draw and as hard as that may be to hear, I  certainly had to digest that one myself, we can use this information to empower ourselves and take action with our eyes wide open and take the steps needed to improve the outcomes for everyone; mums, dads and bubs.

While there are many reasons for fertility issues, and sometimes no detectable reasons, there are natural measures that can support the journey in profound ways.

Harvard research has revealed that certain foods and lifestyle factors can interfere with fertility. The very cool news here is that these are EASY to address with the “right” nutrition needed to enhance fertility.

Having formally trained in “Natural Fertility Management”, Francesca Naish, AND embraced the wisdom of Dr Weston A Price in my own life and clinic, I have seen the profound outcomes of the “right” intervention consistently for the health or our babies AND mums!

The key lifestyle factor is “stress” which can be specifically targeted with daily practices and even certain foods and herbs that counter the damage that stress can do to the hormones behind reproduction.


Where there are known health issues driving infertility, the “right” approach to nutrition and lifestyle are also needed whilst these issues are resolved at the root cause level. So often this approach to “real” resolution is ignored and so many women suffer when a narrow medical approach is adopted and surface management of symptoms is adopted rather than addressing health issues at a “Root Cause” level.

I have supported women with fertility issues for over 18 years and have come to realise that embracing the right nutrition is the easy part of the equation and yet can produce profound results, particularly in treating issues such as PCOS, but primarily in amplifying day to day health.

The key area to address is “stress”. I have routinely see women shelve this “Root Cause” issue, dismissing its intrinsic nature, thinking they will come back to it later, perhaps never. Few EVER acknowledge up front the key role that our “inner” world has to play in our health and YES it can be the single biggest issue behind infertility, a fact recognised more and more in our modern science driven world.

I have developed a comprehensive, proven approach to resolving “Fertility Stress”. Join me for the upcoming in depth “Resolving Fertility Stress Once & For All!” online event, read more and book your place through the “Events” page or join the next “Empowered IVF Journey” 6 week programs, click the “Participate” tab at the top to find out more.