How Health is Declining Each Generation – A typical modern example

Researchers back in the early 1900’s were already noticing that health was declining as a result of the rapid change in dietary staples, modern foods from factories were becoming increasingly popular over traditional kinds of food and home prepared meals. This picture was clearly highlighted by the work of Dr Weston Price and Dr Francis Pottenger whose collective works identified the shift from a natural diet as the catalyst for the commencement of dis-ease processes leading to significant disease states including infertility. This state of infertility, the most natural of functions, is a significant indication that imbalance exists and today we are seeing an acceleration in degeneration particularly in children that is truly alarming. This week I am giving a real life example of a typical health picture I see in my clinic to help us all fully understand why the health of our kids needs to be a hot topic if we hope for their long term wellness and happiness.

I will present this picture as a timeline and highlight where health is impacted along the way and in particular gut integrity (the very foundation and determining factor for our health) so you can see how seemingly innocuous events actually have a significant impact and where we can learn from this example to make better choices for our kids. The key point to remember in considering these issues is that we have the opportunity to correct and restore health with the nutrition choices we make for our kids and although this information was not widely known historically, it is today and we can make a difference no matter what the starting point.

You might be interested to know that I am providing a picture of my own history to save the anonymity of my clients but I can assure you this picture is extremely common and many elements are so common place they are considered normal. It is these so called “normal” events that have the potential to be catastrophic in the bigger picture and now is the time for a wake up call.

Induced Born 1972, breastfeed 12 months (good start with breastfeeding, mother nature’s perfect food. Induction encompasses medical intervention and let’s be clear about putting a drug into the body, of course it’s going to circulate through the baby’s body)

Fully vaccinated in line with the schedule of the day (vaccinations are a contentious issue for good reason, they impact the immune system which is the very foundation of our health and I encourage all parents to make educated choices having conducted their own research)

Farex – Rice Cereal as first food (a baby’s digestive system is immature and takes time to evolve, the enzyme amylase is needed for the digestion complex carbohydrates and this does not occur until the molar teeth have come through at about 24 months so a baby is completely incapable of digesting this food which can only create damage and inhibit nutrient absorption)

Ongoing ENT infections leading to grommets and adenoid removal but sinus and lung infections continued for most of life until leaky gut addressed (infections treated with antibiotics alter gut flora allowing an imbalance to occur which impacts health significantly and is even capable of disrupting genetic health. This is a significant event just once in a lifetime let along multiple times. As was recently declared by our own medical association, the overuse of antibiotics for unwarranted reasons such as ENT infections is a greater threat to human life than any conceivable terrorist threat! Anaesthetic use also impacts gut integrity and is an obvious toxin that needs to be eliminated with help from the body, it will not necessarily happen without the right kind of nutritional support)

Appendix removed at 9 (More toxins and antibiotics, appendicitis is a clear example that gut flora is out of balance and I am pretty sure that all the bits that are in our body are not a design flaw to be whipped out as needed. Dr Rudolf Virchow who is referred to as the father of modern pathology famously said at the end of his life: “…if I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue, eg, mosquitoes seek stagnant water but do not cause the pool to become stagnant”. Ongoing health issues are a glaring clue that something is awry that requires healing at a foundational level not the mere attempt to treat symptoms such as the infection)

Dental and Orthodontic work to correct over crowding (ALL dental work is potentially hazardous for health and many procedures are performed unnecessarily. It was the ground breaking research of Dr Weston Price who uncovered nutrient deficiencies and thus poor nutrition in at least the present and previous generations as contributing to the situation and the underlying cause of dental deformities. Dental health issues are common but NOT normal if nutrition status is right)

Oral Contraceptive Pill taken from 15 to manage painful periods (the pill is widely known to impact gut integrity)

Ongoing allergies, gut issues and hayfever until early 20’s treated for many years with antihistamines, all drugs impact gut health for the worse as well as being toxic for the body (these are all caused from poor gut integrity, leaky gut, which impacts the way the immune system functions. Essentially part of the immune system is disabled due to such significant imbalance in the gut flora that the long term guarantee unless resolved is chronic health and modern disease)

Nutrition through life was average, processsed foods played a daily role such as boxed breakfast cereal and pasteurised milk (both of which are now widely recognised as toxic and un-natural foods for health) but the kicker was my vegetarian focus for over 12 years of my life. Being vegetarian, unless eating an abundant quantity of raw dairy and pastured eggs, predisposes the body to deficiencies of the most important nutrients that cannot be replaced or soured from vegetarian sources, particularly saturated fat (a crucial element) and the fat soluble vitamins A and D. At times I ate good quantities of fish but it was the farmed salmon widely available in Australia that is essentially genetically altered through the un-natural diet of the salmon and potentially toxic.

Infertility (IVF required to create our beautiful baby boy for whom I am eternally grateful but honestly, THIS ISN’T NORMAL!)

I am clearly a picture of health these days, thank god for my career! Obviously there are many factors involved including stress but health intervention plays a crucial role. The point of the story is to highlight the significance of common conditions treated in a typical fashion that have had significant long term ramifications and these long term ramifications can be avoided when we better understand how the body works and that treating a symptom as it arises in the typical allopathic fashion is NOT the answer. This is true whether it is a case of infant colic or reflux or an ear infection. There are proven methods that support rather than damage the human body and its future potential and all health issues are a sign of imbalance that can be treated to restore vitality and need not be endured or worsened with pharmaceutical use.

I would argue that infertility is the end result of failing to restore gut and immune health early in life and instead treating a range of symptoms. The symptoms persisted because my body was trying to keep sending the message that things aren’t right and when things that aren’t right go untreated then chronic imbalance is created, in my case reproductive health issues and inflammation.

Understanding how the body actually works and the real nutrition required to restore balance and integrity is the responsibility of all parents (because conventional advice is most often wrong) and this information is now easier to find than ever. Join any of the upcoming workshops and learn how you can support the long term health of your child through nutrition and natural remedies and take back control of your health and that of future generations. Contact Sally on or click on the workshops link on the website.


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