You may already know that “inner”, emotional well-being is the corner stone for health, peace, happiness, social connection, compassion and success in life. This is NOT guaranteed for our kids unless they have the tools and skills to create this for themselves with our loving and astute guidance as parents.

Our “inner” world drives EVERY experience we have in life and for most of us, this is built on dodgy programming and THIS is what we are teaching our kids, so what hope do they have? These skills are NOT taught in school so it is up to us!

As parents we can learn what is needed to create our own inner peace and from this space we can teach AND role model how to succeed in life from a foundation of personal resilience and robust self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is linked to depression, crime, misery and suicide at the deep end and even at ANY level and in ANY form will lead to a “less than” experience of life, NOT what we want for our kids!

Rather, we can learn the tools to elevate our own internal resolve and empower ourselves with tools for day to day harmony AND the challenging times because they WILL still cross our path. Stress and challenges are not going away BUT our reaction to them can change.

When we recognise the central role we play in our life experiences and consciously respond with easy to learn techniques, we can resolve ANY “stress” point in our lives, whether it is a person or a situation, and choose the direction we want our lives to head in.

There isn’t anything we can’t achieve, I want my son growing up knowing that he has limitless potential to create the life of his choosing, including his level of happiness, to truly participate in life with NOTHING holding him back, I’m guessing you want this for your kids too…

Our children “learn what they live” and they are downloading like sponges for the first 6 years of their life, learning from the behaviours of those around them MORE from the unspoken than the spoken. Do you REALLY want your child playing out the same generational patterns you are?

To learn the tools needed to empower your kids I offer “Empowered Emotions: for Happy Kids”, or “IGNITE: Your Power, Passion & Potential” for deep personal transformation on your path to moment to moment calm, connection, success and happiness in ALL areas of your life.

empowered emotions program