Happy Dirt = Happy Plant = Happy Human: A Soil Microbiome Education for Optimal Human Health

The quality of what we eat MATTERS! In so many ways our food impacts our bodies for better or worse and the tragedy is that our food quality is rapidly diminishing!!!

We can however source quality produce from educated, sustainable, organic and biodynamic farmers who toil for the greater good of health and our planet, none more so than the delightful Bee and Stew from Merri Bee Organic Farmacy.

We are super lucky to be having Bee and Stew coming to present at next week’s final Weston A Price meeting for the year. You are so welcome to come along and join in this vital conversation for the sake of our kids health now and into the future.

Here’s what Bee says:

Bee will talk about the marvelous cycles of nature. At Merri Bee Organic Farmacy, Stew & Bee have been quietly  breeding & releasing highly beneficial, rare & endangered  soil microbes to do their mighty work. These farmers say it is  suddenly much easier to grow nutrient dense food! Food with forgotten flavours , vibrant aromas & bursting with the full array of major, minor & trace elements. All the minerals their plants need  are delivered in perfect balance, not by them but by the beneficial soil microbes who do this in exchange for  sugar…. sugar which the plant makes with CO2 & sunlight! This was the original carbon trading scheme on our planet,  & one of the many ways that carbon is sequestered on organic farms.

Modern agribusiness, wherever it has reached,  has all but destroyed the soil’s marvelous microbiome. Amazingly, a plant does not bother to pump the co2 down into the earth to feed  the bacteria & fungi, if it senses they are not there! The sad plants in the weedless paddocks of 99% of today’s farms have to rely on humans to feed them the agronomist’s best guess of what a plant requires. The n, p & k out of a bag will never match the plants real needs, and the artificially fertilized plant  will never match the real needs of the animals or people eating it.

Please drag anyone you can along to hear  why each of us simply must eat organic, not just for our own great health, but  to save the soil, because Living soil is the only thing now that can save us from CC, peak water & peak everything. So jump on board withdraw your support from agribusiness, & COOK ORGANIC , not the planet! See you on December 8th.

The meeting is free to attend, starts at 7.30pm, Carbanup Hall, cnr Wildwood Rd and Bussell Hway. We are having a little end of year celebration with the theme of “BUGS” so please feel free to bring a plate to share, tea and treats a gold coin donation.

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