GAPS Success Story

There is no doubt that the GAPS protocol can appear daunting and downright overwhelming when you begin. So I would like to share with you one of the many success stories from my clients to hopefully inspire you and show you how a little creative thinking put a huge smile on a little 7 year old boys face and stayed within the GAPS limits.

This family is going strong over 3 months into the full GAPS protocol. There are 2 boys, 7 and 10 and mum, who have not deviated in that time and dad is eating the meals prepared at home which are all GAPS friendly. This family has had food restrictions for various reasons always but with some creativity and determination by mum who is committed to improving the health outcomes for her children, these boys have embraced the GAPS way of eating and are doing extremely well.

Yesterday was the 7 year olds birthday and any family who has had food restrictions for whatever reason knows how hard times like this can be. Having been out to a restaurant for dinner and enjoying GAPS friendly food the birthday cake came out of the restaurant kitchen, lit up like a satellite. Mum had lovingly created a giant bliss ball and studded it with 7 candles and surrounded it with this little boy’s favourite toys, “trashies”. His joy proved that it was a huge hit. In fact her older son said “mum, you don’t have to make me a cake for my birthday, I would like a giant bliss ball!”.

So for any family with school age children wandering if GAPS is possible, this family, and many others have found a way to make it work and are reaping the benefits of healthier happier children for it.

If you would like to know more about how GAPS is restoring health for hundreds of children in WA who suffer from health issues of all kinds including ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum, eczema, allergies, intolerances, all gut issues, hormonal imbalance, emotional imbalance, chronic and persistent infections, contact Sally at

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