The NEW Food Pyramid – What to make for kids

Another year and even more opportunity to support and improve our children’s health!


Happy New Year to all of you and welcome to the NEW and improved newsletter from Real Healthy Kids.

As many of you already know, I am committed to improving the health outcomes for our children and I will share with you the latest research, health protocols and any relevant information that has the capacity to help our children achieve their maximum potential for health and happiness.

Let’s start the new year with a look at a guide that can help us on a daily basis to ensure the nutrient needs of our children is adequately met.

Many of you will be familiar with a version of the food pyramid. But it may look different to the one you are about to see.

There is abundant research to suggest that the reason for the declining health of our children, and society as a whole, is the balance of food that we are consuming in a day. For that very reason, researchers and nutritionists have determined a better way of eating as you can see here.

This NEW pyramid clearly recommends that the majority of food consumed in a day come from the seasonal, fresh fruit and vegetable category, followed by quality lean, pasture raised protein sources, dairy and eggs, with some quality fats and minimal grain and processed foods. AND of course water is of upmost importance and should be consumed in its pure and fresh form throughout the day. Not to be confused with the sugar loaded pre-packaged drinks many kids are consuming.

The underlying rule is to follow a wholefoods way of eating using only natural and organic foods where possible. This kind of philosophy equates to health and children and will go a long way to supporting family health also.

What may shock you is the recommendation of minimal grain consumption. The reason for this is the way that grains behave in the body and their ultimate conversion to sugar which is now scientifically recognised as the biggest contributing factor to health issues.

This week’s recipe maximises phytonutrient intake and supports the immune system and is suitable for all age groups:

Super Smoothie: (serves 2 older children)

  • I cup raw milk or coconut milk or even water will do
  • Handful of ice
  • ¾ cup good quality yoghurt
  • 1 cup seasonal fruit such as bananas and berries

Blitz all ingredients to a creamy consistency and drink immediately. This could also be frozen and enjoyed as an icy pole or frozen treat.

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“Fermenting for Heatlh & Healing”

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In health and happiness, Sally

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  1. Amanda Kratzer
    Amanda Kratzer says:

    Hi Sally, I have just read a few of your pages today, and I have to say that I am very confused. I am a registered nurse, and my uni training tells me the complete opposite of what I have read here. Jenny Craig and weight watchers is also the opposite. I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. I have a nearly 3 year old, and I don’t want him growing up to be a fatty like me. I try to follow a low fat, polyunsatured diet, with low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, meat and all the likes, all of which weight watchers tell me to eat, but I am not losing any weight. I simply don’t know what to eat anymore, and I don’t know what to give my child. Any advice?

    • Sally Gray
      Sally Gray says:

      Hi Amanda

      We have been exposed to such significant misinformation over the last 5-6
      decades which has led to massive confusion and exponentially rising poor
      health. We really have to have a complete paradigm shift about health
      especially if we want our kids to be health and the sad fact is that if we
      are following what our government tells us or our typical education systems
      then we and our kids are guaranteed of ending up with a lifestyle disease.
      The worst piece of information is that fat makes you fat! The wrong fats
      cause issues but the right fats are crucial for health and a healthy
      metabolism. Low fat and sugar and most carbs are BAD for health.

      Here is a link that you might find useful All of the
      information on the Weston Price site is proven.

      If you happen to live near Dunsborough I run workshops teaching families
      about nutrition and raising healthy kids and cooking.

      Warm wishes Sal


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