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Creating Calm for Mums: Insights & Lessons from Spiritual Mentor Saskia Winkler

In my quest to discover the best practices, practitioners and skills in the world to keep bringing the best of the best to my business and “uplevel” my own life, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Winkler. She shared some golden insights for us mums, take a look:

It was so refreshing to have such a frank discussion about our opportunity as mums to learn and grow personally through our parenting. Parenting is essentially “transformation” in disguise…

Motherhood is stress filled! Primarily because we aren’t equipped with the “inner” well-being skills to navigate a smooth and joyful journey. So when bumps appear we can be REALLY thrown; we think the bumps are outside of us, but they aren’t.

In other words, we create our own stress. AND, as Saskia suggests, we can “UNCREATE” it as well. But in the uncreating we have an opportunity to learn powerful lessons that help us to reconnect and to explore AND reveal our own brilliance.

You may have heard the idea that “life is a mirror”. It was really interesting hearing Saskia discuss this in relation to our children and the wisdom that is waiting to be revealed that is simply lying hidden in every challenge we have with them.

Our parenting is driven largely by our “baggage” which then begs the question, “what are you dragging”? Saskia suggests that to answer this we need to use  this concept of “life as a mirror” to explore the deeper “meanings” because when we do, we find more peace and relaxation and ONLY from this space of relaxation can we do our BEST work in any capacity, including parenting.

Taking care of SELF is the priority making “inner” work a necessity! The place to start is to TRUST! Beginning with trusting “self” first. Saskia suggested that daily practice is needed to stay connected. The key way to do this is through meditation…

Take time at some stage in the day to meditate AND to take time for yourself. This practice will strip away stress, leaving you more relaxed and empowered to make better decisions and to see more clearly.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have heard about the boundless benefits of meditation. Saskia shared her “counting” technique that she teaches to her clients, recommending 15 minutes  a day as a powerful action to take. AND being consistent with this…EVERY DAY!

This can be a challenge but the reality is that we have a choice to make, our happiness and that of our children and their future, OR NOT!

When we lead by example we can profoundly impact our children who will learn these powerful life skills and carry them through into their lives for greater calm and success and LESS baggage…

Saskia also offers powerful “Energy Healing” sessions online (which can be experienced wherever you are in the world), check out her website below to find out how you can benefit from her special skills in facilitating relaxation and a heightened experience of life.

Saskia has a long and distinguished business career, having received a Top 100 award in Germany, she is also a mother and knows all to well the challenges inherent in this role. She is driven to “coach” and encourage people to follow their path and explore their own brilliance through her professional Coaching skills and her special ability to  see people as they really are.

Saskia is a truly gifted Spiritual Mentor, you can find out more about her “Energy Sessions” at www.saskia-winkler.com.


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